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The world of GPS fixed position
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The department of defense costs pod country the global location system that 12 billion dollar builds (its apply GPS) already not only military affairs of bureau be confined to or commercial domain, the scientist begins to apply this one technology to probe the real situation of more extensive universe.

In ancient time, the position of the sun and star is the basic label of people judgement azimuth and time. On October 4, 1957, russia success blasted off before " traveler " satellite of date man-made world, subsequently scientists realize orbiter wants to exceed itself of this one incident far to human meaning very quickly, because these satellites can be used at global communication,perhaps locate navigation.

From 1978 begin, 24 when American the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces overcomes power Er company to make " Navstar' ' the satellite enters the space in succession, made the mainest component of GPS system. Each satellite has the volume of a lorry about, every 12 hours surround earthly a week, they distributing in day aerial the person that can ensure aleatoric ground is nodded on the earth is in aleatoric hour is OK maintain radio contact with at least 4 satellites. GPS system applies at martial domain at first, but below the collective requirement that enlisting a company individually later, begin to develop to commerce and civil domain gradually. Next people even if are the position that manages different land an alien land to also can know he is located personally when, deeper and deeper to the advantage experience of GPS. GPS receiver is mixed now the mobile phone is euqally old, and the price is not high also. If the person that loses way has GPS receiver in the hand, OK at any time with surround satellite of system of location of 24 whole worlds undertakes contacting, find out oneself exact position and exact time.

Besides, the use person of a few GPS still discovered its a few other utility accidentally. Feel the scientists of acumen discover, GPS can serve as the superexcellent tool of exploration motion and observation change world.

If researcher uses GPS receiver to secure a dot to read access to occupy continuously to some, with respect to the athletic condition that can track this, for example below action of volcanic interiorly magma expand ceaselessly, or be from antarctic the mobile circumstance that the iceberg that come down ruptures on mainland wearing. The amount that increases receiver (raise precision) , the GPS that uses foregone and exact position is fixed base the signal of the station serves as fiducial, can catch an object clearly 1 / 10 inches abrupt motion, undertake to its real time is monitored. Had this technology, scientists are OK " God person ground " , exploration is very much we are original not very clear dynamic process.

The pendulous in wind is big the green Martha bridge of bridge Hong Kong is the longest suspension bridge on the world, full-length 2200 meters, advocate bridge span amounts to 1377 meters, two condole tower is 206 meters tall, the distance is offshore 62 meters. Big bridge can bear the assault of intense typhoon, jolty distance can obtain bridge put oneself in another's position a few feet, and the train that fleet and passes also can create big bridge advocate cross the vibration that generation fluctuation controls half meters. What do not cross big bridge is jolty also cannot too acuteness, if bridge body side places more than 5 meters, the girder of big bridge and sling can resemble noodle producing twist and turn to fold euqally.
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