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The GPS that need branch locates the technology reachs development
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Early of the technology that need branch is applied by people place. It is to be in to measure a station to be measured to the observation of two targets actually, two measure a station to be opposite the observation of a target is measured or one measures a station to be opposite two observation of a target undertake begging difference between the quantity. Its purpose depends on eliminating communal, include common sum of errors communal parameter. Already was applied widely in the radio fix system previously.
GPS is navigation system of location of satellite of a kind of high accuracy. During the experiment, it can give out the position result of high accuracy. Although somebody puts forward to use the technology that need branch to come,raise fixed position precision further at this moment, but because user requirement is not pressing still, progress of this one technology is so slower. The development as GPS technology and perfect, develop what use a field further, people takes seriously more and more use technology of the GPS that need branch to improve position performance. It uses fiducial receiver of a GPS and an user receiver, use real time or thing aftertreatment technology, source of error of common of the expunction when can making the user is measured, ionosphere and troposphere effect. Special those who put forward is, when GPS job satellite enters the space, american government implemented SA policy. Make orbit parameter of the satellite increased very big error, cause precision of a few pairs of fixed position to ask tallish user is couldn't get contented. Accordingly, development differs minute of GPS technology to appear more and more important now.
GPS fixed position is to use the bogus of a group of satellites to be apart from, the observation capacity such as emissive time of astral all previous, satellite will come true, still must know user bell is poor at the same time. Accordingly, want to obtain the three-dimensional coordinate of ground noodle, must undertake metrical to 4 satellites.
In process of this one fixed position, existing 3 parts error. One part is pair of each user receiver place is public, for example, error of satellitic bell error, astral all previous, ionosphere error, troposphere error; The 2nd part to cannot be measured by the user or come by corrective model calculative transmits defer error; The 3rd part is each user receiver the error with inherent place, for example effect of defer of in-house noise, passageway, much diameter. Use the technology that need branch, error of the first part can be eliminated completely, error of the 2nd part can be eliminated for the most part, its basically depend on the distance of fiducial receiver and user receiver, error of the 3rd part cannot be eliminated.
Divide this beyond, american government implemented SA policy, its make satellitic bell difference and error of astral all previous increase significantly as a result, make original real time locates precision falls from 15m to 100m. Below this kind of circumstance, use the technology that need branch to be able to eliminate error of this one part, more the advantage that shows the GPS that need branch.
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