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Foreground of satellitic navigation application is inviting
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The missile of the U.S. Army when perhaps people still remembers thalassic 1991 war is accurate below the navigation of satellitic location system the scene that hits a target, since at that time, GPS technology namely the attention that satellitic navigation technology caused people. As GPS technology to open civilly, the tremendous business chance of its place contain is come out by mining, in Euramerican wait for a developed country, GPS industry creates benefit every year to reach hundreds 100 million dollars. Accept the compositive miniature of machine to change as satellitic navigation especially, appear the individual information terminal that communication of all sorts of be in harmony, computer, GPS is an organic whole, it is satellitic navigation technology moves toward the masses from major application, the 3rd new point of growth mixes the Information Industry after becoming afterwards communication, Internet the main component of national comprehensive national power.

   Our country height takes satellitic navigation seriously to use industrial development, optimize its the important way that upgrade and method as stimulative industry structure. "15 " during, the country is made about the branch and the organization was carried out " industrialization of satellitic navigation application is special executive plan " , the plan is in " 15 " period end, basic form builds a satellitic navigation to apply product research and development to make, systematic level standard and information serve 3 general interest integratedly is, accelerate the industrialization that uses a product, build a batch to be close to international on technology and applied level the satellitic navigation of advanced country uses demonstrative project, form dimensions of a market to surpass one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan new industry. Of this project carry out, promotion navigation of our country satellite applies integral standard of the industry, accelerate process of national economy informatization, increasing economy it is gross, important to solve the respect such as social obtain employment to develop action, make the another window that industry of our country hi-tech grows.

   The company competes, china navigation grabs anticipate opportunity

   "One flower draws 10 thousand flowers to leave " . In national industry policy guiding falls, navigation of our country satellite applies industrialization pace to be accelerated apparently, project construction and operation obtain preliminary positive result. Investment of  of Hong Kong of  of Chinese overseas trade develops limited company to get an atmosphere first, the foundation that amounts to navigation fixed position to use technical limited company is promoted to go up in Heilongjiang, established China navigation communication to use technical limited company 2002. This company play raises fund channel ability of wide, research and development the advantage with sound system of strong, organization, according to the country " industrialization of satellitic navigation application is special executive plan " requirement, insist to develop high starting point, quickly, start quickly, navigation of satellite of race to control applies industrial commanding elevation, no matter be the research and development of the formulate of standard of technology of satellitic navigation application, product, return be market network to build, obtained major breakthrough, favorable demonstrative effect was produced in industry of navigation of our country satellite.
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