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Program of system of GPS groovy network
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One, systematic overview:
This project uses system of the United States' most advanced global satellite location (GPS) undertakes locate in real time and dogging administrative to mobile target, the position that the cause shows on the electronic map that controlling a center automatically and moving condition. If move,the target is robbed or by pilfer, control center can issue alarm information instantly. For the center director staff provides dynamic, real time, intuitionistic graph article information is opposite with rising the quick response ability of sudden incident.
2, the system forms:
Center of A, control
1. IBM computer
2. Supervisory system software
3. Monitor of 21 inches of color and feeling screen.
4. Acousto-optic warning apparatus
5. Channel machine
6. Regulated power supply
7. Omnidirectional antenna
8. Line of aerial make a present of
9. UPS power source
B, mobile target
1. The car carries terminal
2. Lock car implement
3. Call the police pushbutton
3, the system implements plan
1, control a center:
Give priority to by IBM computer accuse machine, use 21 inches, monitor of big screen color finishs the state that shows all mobile causes, lead plane to adopt the statement that modem and broadcasting station plan according to monitoring software place, undertake digital information transmit with mobile target and each fixed target----GPS locates information is transmitted, and by advocate accuse machine analysis, operation to show digital information changeover harmonic on computer screen smooth warning apparatus to go up, through the computer screen can see the moving case of each target directly. Can be operated through computer clavier at the same time or feel screen operation, remote control is started and close each end call the police system, in order to realize the control of pair of each targets, additional, maintain word Wu communication through central platform and each target, so that come true,be monitored and recording. Receive fixed position car to call the police when the center after information, 110 call the police dial start automatically, put through according to need 110 call the police command center, with achieving the goal that calls the police in time.
2, mobile target:
The position that uses GPS receiver to use a satellite to receive mobile target and other information pass communication controller, communication broadcasting station sends message of this one word control center, so that control a center to determine the position of mobile target, install automatic flameout and open and warning decice on mobile target at the same time, the open of engine and shut central institute bristle with anger makes and carry out by control, any personnel inside mobile target cannot remove the central control to mobile target, but it is OK to can pass the mobile phone platform inside mobile target and control center to get in touch to control a center at the same time recording, monitor.
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