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GPS car monitoring attempers system
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GPS car monitoring attempers the system is system of location of satellite of collect whole world (GPS) , geographical information system (GIS) and wireless communication technology the soft, hardware at an organic whole is integrated system. Its basically divide composition by 3: The car holds system of link of terminal, wireless data and monitoring center software.

Use a trade: Public transportation monitoring attempers monitoring of system, taxi attempers supervisory system of system, special purpose vehicle, line-haul attempers system and 110, 119, 120 wait for lash-up system.

One, system of GPS monitoring software

Systematic composition

GPS monitoring workstation: information of car fixed position (include longitude and latitude, speed, direction and car condition to wait) the graph is changed show go up in electronic map, make the user sees monitoring result can more intuitionisticly.

The center serves a system: Join center of many minutes of monitoring or monitoring workstation, the information that handles each workstation is delivered with distribute, offer user attestation, the function such as data put in storage, inquiry, assure steadily job.

Database: Use ORACLE database, memory vehicle is main the data such as data of information, user information, log, contrail.

Database management: Offer a car to carry terminal the function such as management of information of contrail of information management, user management, workstation log management, car, plan expenses administration, move normally for the system provide safeguard.

Systematic characteristic

Support a variety of wireless communication way, wait like VHF, group, GSM, CDPD, return the communication way that can support the new generation such as GPRS, CDMA further.

Can support a variety of cars to carry terminal to mix conveniently use, for user choice right vehicle carried terminal to offer a condition.

Support framework of multistage monitoring center, every monitoring center can be hanged receive many inferior cent centers or monitoring workstation.

Support exceeds large-scale car to join a network, individual monitoring center is supportable 60 thousand cars join a network. Multistage monitoring center can support 10 thousand tens of cars to join a network below framework circumstance.

2, the car carries terminal

Our company are in long-term project course, carry terminal to produced manufacturer to build good cooperation to concern with a large number of cars, can offer following car to carry terminal at present:

1, car of many homebred GSM/GPS carries terminal

Main function:

Receive data of GPS satellite fixed position, send monitoring center through GSM short message.
But beforehand buy reachs 3 monitoring center number, reach location number appointed monitoring center according to be being sent respectively.
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