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Monitoring of car of urban cab GPS/GSM attempers systematic program
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. Systematic overview

The high-tech such as network of information processing of system of global navigation location, computer, wireless communication applies at national economy among each industry and our daily life. In the traffic industry development as the advance rapidly of car line of business, road and car number produced great contradiction, while our country government is continueing to accelerate infrastructure to build, already put forward - intelligent traffic (the important way that ITS) regards traffic of our country future as to carry a domain develop and preferential give a key support.
The car monitoring that regards intelligent traffic as main component attempers operation center, it is to be based on large concern database to run technology and application of technology of geographical information data, technology of fixed position of satellite of GPS of have the aid of, rely on communication of net of GSM number public, for company of public transportation company, taxi company, long-distance passenger transportation and systematic operation business is offerred all-around information manages a resort strongly with coming true. Achieve thereby provide operation efficiency, reduce empty carry battalion and traffic jam phenomenon, can enhance the safety performance that car guard against theft robs at the same time, INTRANET network of implementation INTERNET / is released and can download.

2. Functional brief introduction:

● makes an appointment with car function immediately
● shifts to an earlier date car makes an appointment function
● car attempers function
Broadcast of ● car news releases a function
Function of monitoring of ● car operation
- of car of real time monitoring move
- be restricted to call the police more, exceed the range of systematic set, call the police automatically
- group breathe out function
- two-way communication
- answer those who put car to run orbit
- the condition that examines car
Car condition includes: Carry guest, sky, cross the border, overspeed, excess load, maintain, big
Long, discard as useless etc.
- the function of machine opening a lock that realizes car
- rescuing service
- function of automatic notify sb of a phone call
Function of monitoring of ● car safety
- long-range remote control breaks oil to cut off the power
- call the police monitoring recording
- the client that is in 110 command center carries a function
Function of ● automatic speech (optional)
Speech function includes client phone recording, speech to broadcast.
● client complains a function
● system operation maintains a function
- user information is safeguarded
- equipment information is safeguarded
- car information is safeguarded
- driver information is safeguarded
- the inquiry of information
- statistical analysis
- the safety administration of data and backup
- the setting of parameter information
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