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Content sheds industry GPS to apply a solution
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1, the dominant position that content sheds an enterprise to use GPS
The safety of goods and driver had the assurance of higher rate.
The OK and active, moving condition news that knows goods at any time and goods carry amount to consignor the whole process of destination.
Enhance content to shed the mutual trust between enterprise and consignor.
Content sheds an enterprise to be able to know car news adequately, through distributing money, attemper the economic benefits that waits for a way to increase a business and level of management.

2, GPS/GSM characteristic and application
Undertake allowing to decide to mobile object
GSM net covers an area big, GPS is bigger, can realize countrywide limits inside attemper, management
The short message means that uses GSM network is deferent information of GPS fixed position and pertinent information
GPS is used freely, GSM short message needs to pay fee
Main application is to attemper, monitoring and call the police

3, GPS technology uses technological process
After consignor consign goods, content shedding company gives sheet of pick up the goods and password consignor, in inputting indenture Internet GPS content to shed platform at the same time; After goods assembles carriage car, get stuck the SIM that represents this vehicle date and indenture connection to rise. Such, consignor can pass Internet to inquire the carriage situation with current goods by indenture date and password at any time and place with content shedding company.

4, content sheds a business
Proffer sheds car, the SIM that offers every car gets stuck
Type indenture, indenture date and the SIM that assume carriage car connection blocking bugle call rises
Offer the password that every Zhang Chan occupies consignor
After goods delivery, move receipt is saved, cancel password
Collection consignor transport costs
Pay a network to serve business to serve expense
Pay short information cost and SIM card fee to business of GSM net operation

5, consignor
Consign goods, pay carriage money
Use password and receipt number, go up at any time Internet inquires goods practically is nodded
Pay short message fee to relevant section

6, product function
Provide fixed position information
Wireless / wired communication (use industrial level module)
Data stores (information of 5000 fixed position)
Use short message and one's voice in speech to believe deferent alarm signal
Join peripheral equipment
Use channel of one's voice in speech information of deferent great data bulk
Mothball power source supports
Transmission control (car stops when sailing, need not convey information)

7, the new technology that uses in the product
Memory adopts the way that puts fixed position information beforehand, can reduce problem of GSM net blind area, reduce short information cost, undertake administrative effectively to the working way of car.
Use channel of one's voice in speech effectively to answer when passing great data bulk, can reduce transmission data cost; When sending alarm signal, can prevent the block that creates as a result of short message defer.
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