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Motolora " mobile data collects a packet " solution stay sheds informatization
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What data of mobile and wireless real time collects is brand-new technology and concept

As the rapid development of socioeconomy, the company of the category such as company of manufacturer of retail business, goods, channel, content shedding company is in socioeconomy system the role with be being acted more and more important, began more and more crossing to appear the city, large company that crosses province to manage. Some closer year come, for better get used to market development and international competition ability, the administrative level of a lot of companies and informatization level got substantially promotion. Enterprise of quite a few pays attention to the business technological process that uses advanced science and technology to improve oneself very, its are mid the information data to shift collects minute of preeminent company the attention that applied technology gave height.
Because instant content sheds information to be in the business government of these companies,have important place, demand of sex of the accuracy that the enterprise collects to information data, real time is higher and higher also. And the broaden the scope of the dilate as business, district, the collection that spreads information to content to the enterprise, transmit and manage the job to bring bigger challenge. The sort of handiwork with original company fills out a form, pursue the statistical kind of class collect, both neither can make sure data passes the accuracy after layer upon layer treatment and integrality, and rectify a process intermediate to consume a large number of time and labor power, often be final data result has not had very high use value; And existing wired data collects a system, although can pass data logging network collect, but high investment of cost of systematic hardware, software is large, and safeguard, the operation is complex, very tall to personnel quality requirement, accomplish very hard enclothe nationally, at the same time of the system can carry out a gender to also be put in the problem. In the market although be put in the solution of a few shift, also often be cost holds high, make the enterprise flinchs.
The enterprise needs a kind of low cost, content sheds portable informatization solution, solve its data to collect a problem, realize government of seasonable, whole business affairs data, achieve business control, management and decision-making support through counting the analysis that occupy to real time, in order to promote the competition ability of the enterprise. Motolora is newest of development " mobile data collects a packet " the solution showed low cost for us what data of mobile and wireless real time collects a system is brand-new technology and concept.

Motolora " mobile data collects a packet " solution
Motolora " mobile data collects a packet " solution, it is the bar code data that with Motolora 388 series mobile phone combines head of bar code scanning for platform and becomes collects a system. Chinese display, data collects its part, the function such as news report of data processing, data, speech communication at an organic whole, be equivalent to computer of a diminutive, it is computer technology and the union with form code perfect technology, use a form code on article to collect a means quickly as information. Say simply, it holds the business system that provided scanner of palmtop computer, bar code and mobile phone function concurrently.
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