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Brief introduction of system of MPS mobile location
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Technology of mobile fixed position is to be based on at present relatively the new-style technology that wireless network of GPRS of all-pervading GSM / covers adversary machine terminal to undertake real time position is caught, want a mobile phone to switch on the mobile phone to be able to close again only get network signal, so his located position can be mastered at any time.

Wireless and mobile network is with the village (beehive) regard the least place as the unit, lie when the mobile phone so different village or when mobile switch undertakes between the village, different village name affirmed the real position of the mobile phone. Because the village date of mobile network is of global only, so the real situation of place correspondence also is global only.

Technology of mobile fixed position falls in the indication of electronic map or fall in the support of geographical information database, real time ground shows, dog, processing is individual, many, group the person of the group, car or content. This kind of technology can apply in the masses widely service of entertainment of wireless data information or industry domain, apply at the masses wireless data domain.

Applied domain includes: The information that can develop circumjacent information to search serves, the bank that is like nearby, cafeteria, gas station; This glutinous rehmannia page serves; Xiaofan surrounds the weather forecast inside; The traffic information of nearby is released; Directional advertisement and the electronic complimentary ticket that are based on the position; The member club related to dynamic place serves; Positional fistfight game; Nearby makes friendly chatting professional work; Public information serves; Urgent call, be like 110, 119, 120, 122 etc.

The industry application with applicable place includes: Group motorcade, use at registration of vehicles, car to attemper; The industry that rent, those who be used at leasing equipment attemper management; Company business, use at enterprise interior management, flow to optimize; Content spreads a trade, the monitoring that is used at freight traffic, attemper; Match trade of see sb off, use at be being optimized to matching those who send a process; Media industry, to breaking out incident interview in time, dog etc; Medical treatment emergency treatment, to special group track or critical support; After service, fast product is safeguarded, support; Resource management, wait for the industry with resource allocation higher demand to person or content; Safe guard against theft, to the safe guard against theft of capital of car, goods; Common cause, bus, taxi the electronic guidepost that wait, attemper etc; Supermarket market, deliver goods, pick up the goods, personnel manages.

With the advantage that photograph of GPS satellite fixed position compares

● cost is low -- , the GPS satellite that does not need thousands of yuan accepts terminal

● has been enclothed -- , inside city, high-rise is in thick and fast, subterranean channel, crossroads, numerous Xie Mao manages the branch all but.
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