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GPS GPRS/CDMA 1X of global location system applies mediumly in the industry
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Supervisory system of location of taxi GPS GPRS/CDMA1x

China number uses modern technology and method, the technology such as guard against theft of fixed position of combinative GPS satellite, electron and network communication is a taxi to provide all sorts of safe protection inside utmost, guarantee the benefit of taxi driver and passenger.

Make full use of advanced geographical IT (GIS) , multimedia technology (MultiMedia) , database technology (Database) , technology of network news report (Network) , the electronic map that quantifies in Quan Shi realizes bisect cloth to have organization and government in the taxi of each district over the foundation, make concerned rental car can very the monitoring that carries with battalion total monitoring center undertakes modernization for the center conveniently, attemper and manage, improve the competition ability of the taxi and service quality.

Taxi GPS intelligence manages a system to include:

System of communication equipment software: Have fixed position, dog, give an alarm, come to help, attemper, alarm affection check, call the police a variety of functions such as preferential, long-range control.

GIS controls systematic function: Have real time to show an user; Graph layer shows, control; Appoint inquiry; The distance shows; Map stepless shrinks put, roam wait for a function; Operator management and hand over class function

Advanced function: Much window shows, road matchs, orbit is answered put, map output and legend, from navigation function, call the police show, function of electronic crawl, memorandum

  Supervisory system of location of bus GPS GPRS/CDMA1x

The car defer that appears in the light of public transportation system, jam wait for a problem, the dominant position that China number network uses technology of company wireless communication and technology of global satellite fixed position (GPS) , devised an applied plan that solves APTS integratedly: Namely global location system (GPS) , use the band of mobile network photograph such as GPRS/CDMA1x, compose builds a part public transportation direct attempers, the intelligent car monitoring with the modernization for an organic whole, all-around service of news of integrated business communication, passenger attempers government serves a system.

Public transportation car locates institute of plan of systematic as above is shown, distribute a share in all: Station of monitoring of center of station of GPS poor cent, total mix, area, car carries equipment to wait, tone platform all is GPRS/CDMA1x mobile network, area to locate with car the system is relevant, use at realizing data to transmit with etc additional functional content.

Systematic function model

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