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The application of GPS tall Cheng studies
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(university of Liaoning project technology, liaoning province mounds road of new city China 47, 123000)
Summary: Current, GPS plane controlled a net to had gotten be applyinged extensively, but GPS tall Cheng is applied not quite however, people is expecting to be able to use GPS tall Cheng to measure the leveling that replaces a tradition. The principle that the article measures to GPS tall Cheng and method undertook the abecedarian is discussed, what combine the application that tall Cheng of our country GPS measures is actual, plan to close with numerical value give priority to, built the mathematical model that tall Cheng changes. Developed GPS tall programmed control to make changeover system with VC at the same time, check via the experiment, be in Campagna or shallow grave area, below the condition that does not impose landform to correct, the normal and high Cheng that plans to close satisfies average project and large scale to measure the precision of the graph to ask, manufacturing cost was reduced on certain level.
Keyword: GPS; The earth is tall; Normal tall; Tall Cheng is changed; Tall Cheng plans to close
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Global location system (Global Positioning System-GPS) the satellitic navigation that serves as new generation and location system, with its global, round-the-clock, high accuracy, cost-effective marked characteristic, had measuringing a domain to receive wide application.
The planar position of GPS technology token, of its precision mix high with be being known by people place accept. But precision of GPS tall Cheng how, it is the problem that people cares generally all the time. For this, a few mapping units of domestic had a certain number of tests, from the point of test result, be in the area of relatively even or shallow grave, GPS tall Cheng can achieve 3 ~ 4 wait for level precision [1] . But because experiment data bulk is little, operation requirement is strict and stricter to removing the amount that calculates a dot and precision to have regulation, people still is put to its dependability have doubt or raise cost because of satisfying concerned requirement, apply up to now finite. In fact, except the care in the people in application its work outside precision, still calculating the increase and decrease of cost, accordingly, in all sorts of can obtain when very inaccessible also experiment conditions in actual manufacturing application. This work is in what element of this two respects undertakes give attention to two or morethings namely in the meantime, imposing the condition that landform is corrected and does not have gravitational data namely, undertake GPS tall Cheng Xiangchang uses the changeover of tall Cheng system. Make clear with the data experiment that comes from manufacturing practice, be in Campagna or shallow grave area, GPS tall Cheng can be achieved 4 wait for level precision, manufacturing cost was reduced on certain level.
1Brief introduction of system of GPS tall Cheng
Normal of ellipsoid of ground noodle edge is called the earth to the distance of referenced ellipsoid face tall, express with H. It is normal that ground noodle is called to the distance that is like earth level face tall, express with Hr. Be like earth level face and earth level face to be close to very. The does not follow leveling course high normally change of ground noodle and change, it is the value that determines exclusively, also be our practical tall Cheng at the same time. Be like the distance between earth level face and ellipsoid face to call tall Cheng Yi constant, express with ε (if pursue 1)
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