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The hand in GPS of the century is looked into
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The adjustment of 1 United States to GPS policy

(Stop of 1) SA policy ahead of schedule carry out
The United States announces already: Will control 2006 end executive SA policy, continue to offer standard fixed position freely to serve to the user (SPS) . American army thinks recently, use GPS essence to pile up fixed position as the United States (of PPS) precision and interference rejection ability rise, this stops time to may shift to an earlier date. This is meant at the appointed time real time sheet nods the user the precision of fixed position will raise 30m left and right sides from present 100m. It is enough that this changes the navigation user to surface used.
(2) of the 2nd civil frequency enable
While American government is cancelling SA, plan to improve precision of civil fixed position further, the plan increases the 2nd civil frequency in GPS system, use C/A in order to weaken to pile up the influence of error of the ionosphere when bogus is apart from fixed position. In March 1998, geer of American government vice president proclaims formally, the bogus that piles up C/A of the to load on the L2 frequency that issueing BLOCK IIF of generation GPS satellite is apart from signal. Estimation arrives 2007, the bogus that contains the GPS satellite that has 1/2 ~ 2/3 code of C/A of the to load on L2 frequency is apart from signal. Receiver of so common and civil GPS is apart from fixed position in bogus when, can weaken ionosphere influence greatly not only, the equivalent distance precision that its bogus is apart from also will get very big rise. This one measure has bigger improvement to real time fixed position and navigation precision not only, and the precision that swift to GPS of the fixed position of Chan Pin RTK henceforth, Chan Pin static state locates rises and of initialization time shorten will have main effect.
(3) adds the 3rd civil frequency
About American government development adds GPS the plan of the 3rd civil frequency, in March 1998 put forward in the announcement of dagger Er vice president: Will be in henceforth on L2 frequency after code of to load C/A, on frequency of L1, L2 civil the status that has achieved saturation with the modulation of signal of for military use. But for a few new special requirements, it is for example satisfy vast region (poor cent) strengthen GPS fixed position, the corresponding a few signal that need branch are OK also and direct to load goes up to GPS satellite radio frequency. Accordingly, in the to load on GPS satellite the proposal of the 3rd civil frequency is being tried seriously consideration and research.
(System of air navigation of country of 4) United States is newer
American government quits grading for military use and system of civil foundation air navigation from now on, system of all foundation air navigation plans to will 1/3 controlled disuse 2005, arrive to will 2/3 controlled disuse 2008, to will all 2010 disuse. And WAAS may be controlled 2000 begin to enable.
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