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GPS module applies mediumly in portable navigation system
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Brief introduction of 1 GPS system

GPS is the abbreviate of m of e of t of s of y of S of g of n of i of n of o of i of t of i of s of o of P of l of a of b of G l o , namely global location system. Its purpose is right inside global limits the target in the ground and sky undertakes allowing to decide and monitor. What as global space fixed position information applies is increasingly extensive, service of fixed position of the complete time domain that GPS offers, round-the-clock, high accuracy will give dimensional technique, earth technology of mapping of physics, earth, remote sensing, liaison man attemper, the military affairs fights and the daily life of people brings tremendous change and far-reaching influence.

Current civil GPS equipment includes to measure model with navigation model. Measure among them model the precision of the product can reach rice level even millimeter class, but need two at least (set) ability achieves design precision to ask, and its interior structure is complex, stand-alone cost is in commonly tens of thousands of to hundred thousands of, suit professional high accuracy to measure an environment to use; Navigation product, the person that use as a result of its is not tall to precision requirement, it is a few meters commonly, because this machine is in-house hardware is relatively simple, simply can complete navigation work, together with its value is relatively inferior, have more consequently gain ground and popularize value.

GPS system controls satellite of station, navigation and user receiver by the ground commonly 3 major composition. Navigation satellite at least 24, distributing to go up in 6 polar orbit equably, orbital included angle is 60 degrees, be apart from n to all be 20  highly 200 kilometer, earthly a week is winded when every 12 star.

The task of GPS signal receiver basically is to capture certain satellite altitude ends horny place chooses need the signal that measures a satellite, dog of these satellites move, the GPS signal that receives to place at the same time undertakes commutation, enlarge and processing, so that measure a GPS signal to arrive from the satellite the transmission time of receiver antenna, solution interpret gives the navigation text that GPS satellite place sends, cipher out of final solid chronometer measures the three-dimensional position of the station, position, three-dimensional even speed and time now.

When the static state locates, GPS receiver is in capture and dog in the process of GPS satellite changeless, receiver measures the transmission time of GPS signal through high accuracy, use GPS satellite to solve antenna of cipher out receiver to be in three-dimensional coordinate of the position in the foregone position of course. And dynamic fixed position is to use GPS receiver to determine the moving contrail of a mobile. The mobile that GPS signal receiver is in is called carrier (the ship naval vessel in be like a voyage, aerial plane, walking car) . Because the GPS receiver antenna on carrier is dogging,the process lieutenant general of GPS satellite moves relative to the earth, such, the condition parameter that receiver can measure athletic carrier in real time with GPS signal (the instant is three-dimensional the position and three-dimensional speed) .
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