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Monitoring of petrifaction whole journey carries oily car locates for the car wi
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The mobile network short message that branch of Tianjin of the petrifaction in a few days ago used Tianjin shift to offer uses car location system, solved difficult problem and yield results is remarkable.

Branch of Chinese petrifaction Tianjin, the oil of gas station of district of responsible and whole Tianjin is supplied, be in before in carriage process, often appear moving course of change of privately of carry oily car and area and lose oil and fair oily illicit to use wait for a phenomenon, make company loss bigger. System of location of application of mobile network short message is system of location of satellite of collect whole world (system of GPS) , geographical information (GIS) and wireless communication technology the soft, hardware at an organic whole is integrated system. Basically hold network of short message terminal, wireless data and monitoring center system by the car 3 parts composition, can undertake to car centralized management and real time monitoring attemper unity. Carry in every oily Che Zhongan installs a car to carry short message terminal, have insert corresponding SIM card, every car has respective short message to receive number, every are removed 3 give out transmission signal report automatically to run state at present to monitoring center to 10 minutes. After petrifaction Tianjin branch uses this to cover a system in, controlled cost expenses not only, assured the safety of driver, car, goods, still realized safety of car of whole journey monitoring to arrive.

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