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The wireless network that is based on positional service uses a program
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The is based on the position service of mobile equipment agrees with the position of the user and condition. They filter and pass the as biggest as user relation information. A of the service that is based on the position significant advantage is, the user need not input zip code to them or other position marks. Positional information made the spirit of mobile technology.

A few kinds of methods can determine the position of wireless equipment. Most method involves use signal arrival time to differ (TDOA) , enhance observation time to differ (E-OTD) with system of location of auxiliary whole world (GPS) technology.

One, TDOA needs many base the station comes monitor delivers visit pulse, calculate with triangulation law the position of wireless equipment. The advantage of this kind of method is to be able to use existing GSM mobile equipment, but need to support infrastructure has a large number of investment.
2, when use E-OTD, mobile phone monitor comes from many base the pulse of the station gauges observation time difference. Computation of use triangulation law gives the seat of wireless equipment. E-OTD asks adversary machine undertakes changing, but support of needs fixed position infrastructure is little at TOA.
3, auxiliary GPS depends on the wireless facility that owns compositive GPS receiver. Can convey from the network auxiliary data is searched with promoting GPS signal, heighten sensitivity likely. Although GPS is the most accurate method likely, but because of its signal comes from orbiter, penetration is so weaker, be restricted consequently. Like CyberLocator such company uses patent technology and special GPS hardware to use GPS data to obtain positional information.

The position believes the standard of breath exchange
In the past, different once just offerred information of position of a few kinds of trade each offer. Recently, they already began the effort of standardization, become an accepted standard with offerring those who differ to incorporate. Let us have a look at the positional information that has offerred partly to exchange a standard.

Agreement of mobile fixed position (MobilePositioningProtocol, MPP) it is the agreement that offers by Ericsson. MPP (at present version is 4) it is the agreement that is based on Internet, "Know the place " applied process uses this agreement and mobile location system (MobilePositioningSystem, MPS) alternant. Carry this agreement, make the seat that requests mobile terminal becomes a possibility. Mobile location system (MPS) the special solution that is the service that Ericsson uses at offerring to be based on the position, regard this as one part of the system, mobile center of location (MobilePositioningCenter, MPC) it is mobile network is mixed " know the place " the gateway between applied process. MPC basis results from the position of the device of information computation shift of the network, convey it to use a program.

MPP still defined an URL, "Know the place " the position that uses a program to be able to use it to request mobile equipment. Serve as what request to the position to answer, MPC is deferent respondent will tell the estimation to mobile equipment position to use a program. MPP is based on HTTP completely, this makes MPC OK use for any platform that have TCP/IP function, for example, responsible trends generates the Javaservlet of WAP content.
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