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The wireless fixed position in mobile network
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The research of technology of wireless fixed position only then at 20 centuries the automatic car of 60 time locates system, subsequently this technology attempers in public traffic, taxi and public security is tracked etc inside limits wide application. Later, as the demand grow in quantity that people serves to be based on positional information, technology of wireless fixed position gets the attention of more investigator, global location system (GPS) appear more make the flight that technology of wireless fixed position generated to pledge, fixed position precision gets substantially rise, can achieve 10m less than. Although use GPS to be able to achieve a kind of relatively ideal position result directly, but he needs special reception equipment, not be very convenient to most user. In recent years, as beehive shift system gain ground, fixed position technology begins to be used at division of beehive system design, switch, service the respect such as monitoring of affirmatory, traffic.

Current, wireless fixed position can be divided for the satellite wireless fixed position is mixed the ground is wireless fixed position, satellitic fixed position uses GPS, the north of GLONASS and our country fights the satellitic system such as double star to realize the three-dimensional fixed position of mobile target; Wireless fixed position adopts the ground the parameter such as strong, phasic, incident angle realizes field of the transmission time that measures radio wave, signal the 2 dimension fixed position of mobile target. Wireless fixed position belongs to beehive the ground is wireless location system.

The wireless location system in existing beehive mobile net presses mobile structure cent to be the wireless fixed position that is based on mobile network, wireless fixed position that is based on floating platform, mixture fixed position to wait. In recent years, increase of the user quickly as shift, the demand that serves to the position also increases greatly, in beehive system, the service that is based on the position has a lot of sort, like the public safety, service noting cost that is based on the position, dog the service enhances the road of call to wait by choice service. Current beehive is wireless in location system, to avoid to be opposite mobile terminal increases additional expense, what use more is the fixed position plan that is based on a network, by many base the station is received at the same time detect the signal that floating platform issues, the parameter that the basis measures is undertaken locating estimating to floating platform by the network. Mobile terminal often is common mobile phone, this is opposite with respect to need base station installation monitors equipment, measure the signal parameter that floating platform gives out, the algorithmic estimation with proper repass gives mobile station roughly the position, and the transmission of signal depends on greatly mobile channel is characteristic, make locate precision gets very big impact.
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