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Center of monitoring of traffic of public security of city of detailed solution
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The center of monitoring of traffic of public security of big talk city in be being built, will flow in scientific organization liaison man, increase existing road traffic capacity, harmonious place buy breaks out sexual traffic incident, alleviate traffic jam, strengthen hand in a policeman to react ability respect produces main effect quickly. Here makes one brief introduction to a few big main functions only.

   95 " eye " traffic of monitoring whole town

Traffic TV monitoring system is the most commonly used traffic information collects a means, it can offer the visual information of road transportation and condition of real time traffic to direct staff, facilitate master traffic trends in time, be helpful for seasonable and intuitionistic discovery and deal with traffic sudden incident and case of security of society.

The calculation in monitoring delimits in big talk each crossing, a section of a highway and main room establish 95 surveillance to nod, every eye shot can amount to 2 kilometers, enclothe the urban district basically main road.

After traffic TV monitoring system builds, get real time illegal evidence on the spot, these illegal behavior include: After entering oriented driveway, do not press formulary way travel, do not jockey by the regulation, banning the travel on the road of travel, of converse travel, do not turn around by the regulation, violate traffic graticule directive, disobey jockey regulation, jockey temporarily, of park etc.

Driver friend noticed, be in when you when producing afore-mentioned illegal action, this system can pat the indication of next illegal car, plate, stop line and red light automatically, and with information of time, crossing, driveway, transmit image information in real time to traffic monitoring center, round-the-clock 24 hours of jobs.

   "Clone car " nowhere escape form

System of the highway traffic record that monitor uses the technology such as visit of processing of advanced photoelectricity, computer, image, pattern recognition, long-range data, collect image and car to the forehead content of each motor vehicle of associate with of monitoring road surface panoramic image undertakes consecutive round-the-clock real time is recorded, the computer undertakes according to films image plate identifies automatically, can undertake dynamic cloth controls traffic, wait to overspeed, retrograde motion break the law and be grabbed by pilfer, cause trouble escapes, commit the crime suspicion car undertakes calling the police, each monitoring through public security network dot information conveys traffic monitoring center, execute information to share.

After forming an effective monitoring network, the case that monitoring center can order according to each monitoring undertakes integration analysis, make quick response. Namely the user should be in monitoring center to type only can finish, when suspicion car appears, in monitoring the center meets dot and monitoring to call the police in real time, realize quick response truly, very good harmonious effect had between different monitoring point.
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