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Car of general day GPS attempers administrative system
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Chinese general day from on 90 time metaphase begins the century the product development that pursues the domain such as GPS, GIS and systematic development. It is in application of urban traffic administration, the place of Chinese general day belongs to an enterprise- - Hangzhou east believe limited company of IT of computer of 100 million peaceful, have the large GPS that is based on GSM mobile net to serve ability of systematic design, development and construction integratedly. Since since 1998, many case were carried out successfully in GPS domain, be like: PS of 諫 of book of  of Li banter discharge alarm attemper with car systematic; the Gansu Province is postal car of carriage bureau GPS attempers car of GPS of company of Na Qing science and technology of Shanghai of supervisory system; , shipping attempers Jilin of supervisory system; saves Yan Ji target of shift of GPS of city mobile company serves systematic; Liaoning integratedly.

It is below the field runs in public security traffic (the develop that applies in 110/122/119) attacks knot composition of a picture:

GPS alarm attemper with car systematic develop attacks knot composition of a picture

The system can be divided into GPS intelligence car to carry service center of information of system of terminal, communication, mobile target and GPS to attemper the part such as monitoring cent center.

The car carries intelligence terminal by GPS receiver, intelligence dominates circuit, power supply circuit, communication equipment (with GSM module) wait for composition, in order to realizes the collection of the data such as condition of information of pair of GPS information, alarm signal, breakdown, car and administrative information.

Communication system is to pass SMSC of join of data communication network, the GPS information such as the longitude and latitude that the car carries intelligent terminal to be collected, time, and the data such as condition of alarm signal, car and administrative information uploads direct to attemper monitoring center; will attemper monitoring center gives out all sorts of attempering control command, pass service center of mobile target information, pass a car to carry intelligence terminal, namely to attemper monitoring center and car carry transparent communication link is provided between terminal. Communication system still passes join of mobile net of public network of speech communication platform and PSTN, GPRS, implementation user makes an appointment with a car to accept, car attempers, recording and inside listening car alarm the function such as affection.

Service center of mobile target information (always control a center) the core that is whole system, its application software by attemper monitoring downstage, business downstage, management downstage, map edits downstage, guardianship service, speech service, message to serve composition.
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