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GPS measures medium application in the project
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Summary: Summarized global location system (GPS) basic structure and measure a principle, summed up GPS to be used at the project to measure has characteristic, introduced GPS to measure medium applied example in the project.

Keyword: GPS; The project is measured; Use example

Global location system (GlobalPositioningSystem, abbreviation GPS) it is the United States the navigation of is used at martial branch new generation satellite that from 20 centuries 70 time begin to develop and location system, last a period of time 20 years, cost 200 much dollars, divide level development, throw in succession use, built in the round 1994. GPS is the system of location of radio satellite navigation that is a foundation with the satellite, it has all-round gender, global, round-the-clock, successional the accurate and three-dimensional navigation with real time sex and fixed position function, and have good interference rejection sex and confidential sex. Accordingly, GPS technology rate is measured in the earth first, the project is measured, aviation Photogrammetry, ocean is measured, the city is measured waited for mapping domain to get applied [1] , developed research in the domain such as military affairs, traffic, communication, resource, management and get applied extensively. Article introduction GPS measures medium application in a mountainous area project, when to put forward to experience.

Brief introduction of 1   GPS

1. 1   GPS is formed

GPS basically defends station of monitoring of astral constellation, ground and user facilities by the space 3 parts are formed.

(1) constellation of GPS space satellite mixes 3 to reserve in course by 21 jobs satellite satellitic composition. 24 satellites distributing equably inside 6 orbit plane, the dip of orbit plane is 55 ° , average height of the satellite is 20200km, cycle of run is 11h58min. The satellite uses the two radio carrier wave of L wave band to send signal of navigation fixed position continuously to broad user, navigation contains positional information of the satellite in fixed position signal, make the satellite makes the foregone point of a trends. In any any places of the earth, hour, in elevation angle 15 ° above, average but at the same time observation arrives 6 satellites, can achieve 9 at most.

(2) station of GPS ground monitoring is main by distributing a in the whole world advocate accuse station, 3 infuse station and composition of 5 stations that monitor. Advocate basis controlling a station monitors a station to be opposite each the observation data of GPS satellite, computation the orbit parameter of each satellite, bell poor parameter, become these data establishments navigation text, convey to stand to infuse, stand by infuse again will advocate the navigation text infuse that hair controlling a station comes to arrives in the memory of corresponding satellite.

(3) GPS user facilities reachs its terminal unit by software of GPS receiver, data processing (like the computer) wait for composition. GPS receiver can capture end by certain satellite altitude horny place chooses need the signal that measures a satellite, dog of the satellite move, undertake exchange, enlarge and processing to signal, repass computer and corresponding software, via base line solution calculates, the net makes the same score difference, seek a GPS receiver center (survey a site) three-dimensional coordinate.
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