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Wuhan city public transportation intelligence changes administrative system to l
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Shop sign of ● electron station provides information

● GPS locates the newspaper stands

● computer attempers public transportation operation

(Cheng Xiaoyu of Liu Wei of reporter Feng Jinsong's trainee's reporter) yesterday, online medium limited company signs Wuhan city public transportation group and Jiangxi bus " informatization of management of carry of public transportation battalion builds a project " agreement, public transportation intelligence of declare whole town changes administrative system to begin formally to build.

This project invests 10 thousand yuan thousands of, will use 4 new technologies such as geographical information of GPS fixed position, GIS, wireless communication and network, realize public transportation intelligence to change attemper the administrative function such as management, safe control and station of newspaper of automatic fixed position, improve standard of public transportation service.

According to the agreement, two public transportation route will choose inside year appearance of fixed position of satellite of GPS of installation of nearly 100 cars, pilot pusher is wide to nearly 5000 whole town buses.

City public transportation group introduces, after carrying out public transportation intelligence to change administrative system, appearance of satellitic fixed position dogs every operation bus, real time passes public transportation moving information. The staff member is passed attemper central screen, need dub mouse only can witting the speed of some bus, whether on schedul arrives wait for a circumstance.

Expert introduction, intelligence changes management to will bring 3 big change for our city bus:

-- , electronic station shop sign provides information for the passenger. Whole town will install shop sign of station of nearly 100 electrons in mainstay line in advance, the electron shows screen informs a passenger to await car when to arrive, the car still has many from the station far etc.

-- , GPS fixed position signs up for a station. Bus newspaper station changes sound of driver hand comment to hint implement the newspaper stands, turn into GPS fixed position signs up for a station automatically, reduce site of fail to report sth, wrong newspaper, heavy newspaper thereby.

-- , computer attempers public transportation operation. According to each circuitry the real time car on electronic map runs a condition, the computer passes processing, offer actor quickly to choose plan. When organizing large activity or match especially, adjust carry of battalion of circumjacent and public transportation circuitry, supplementary car to will improve efficiency.

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