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Unscramble system of location of navigation of satellite of GPS whole world in t
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Global location system (GlobalPositioningSystem-GPS) it is the United States from this century 70 time begin to develop, last a period of time 20 years, cost 20 billion dollar, built in the round 1994, have undertake in the sea, land, sky all-around real time is three-dimensional the navigation of new generation satellite of navigation and position ability and location system. Via nearly 10 years the use of the branch such as our country mapping makes clear, GPS with round-the-clock, high accuracy, automation, cost-effective wait for marked characteristic, win the reliance of broad mapping worker, successfully application is measured at the earth, the project is measured, motion monitors navigation of aviation Photogrammetry, means of delivery and control, lithosphere, the project is out of shape monitor, resource reconnaissance, earth is kinetic wait for a variety of course, bring a profound technical revolution to mapping domain thereby.

Improve of location system ceaselessly as the whole world, of hard, software ceaseless and perfect, apply a domain to be being developed ceaselessly, already pervaded at present national economy all sorts of branches, begin the daily life of progressively and thorough people.

The characteristic of GPS system:

1, the whole world, round-the-clock work:
Can offer for the user successive, real time three-dimensional position, three-dimensional speed and exact time. Do not suffer the effect of weather.
2, fixed position precision is tall:
Excel of precision of stand-alone fixed position 10 meters, use the fixed position that need branch, precision can amount to centimeter of class and millimeter class.
3, the function is much, application is wide:
Deepen as what people knows to GPS, GPS is being measured not only, navigation, measure fast, the respect waits to receive wider application when measuring, and its apply a domain to expand ceaselessly.

The development of GPS:

Before the satellite locates the system appears, long-range navigation and fixed position basically use wireless navigation system.

1, radio navigation system
Luo Lan- - C: The job is in 100KHZ, by composition of stage of 3 land navigation, 2000KM of navigation work area, general precision 200-300M.
Omega (abstruse rice eggplant) : The job is in ten conspicuous. By composition of stage of 8 land navigation, can cover the whole world. Precision a few miles.
System of much Bo Le: Use frequency of much Bo Le to move principle, get parameter of athletic other people through measuring its frequency to move (the ground fast with drift angle) , choose place of cipher out aircraft, belong to boat of type of provide for oneself computative system. The error increases along with range and cumulative.
Defect: Enclothed work area is small; Electric wave transmission suffers atmosphere effect; Fixed position precision is not tall

2, satellitic location system
The meridian instrument system that the earliest satellite locates the system is the United States (Transit) , developed 1958, 64 years official investment is used. Because amount of this system satellite is lesser (5-6) , moving height is inferior (average 1000KM) , lie between to satellitic time from earth station observation longer (average 1.5h) , consequently it cannot provide consecutive real time three-dimensional navigation, and precision is inferior. To satisfy martial branch and private sector to be opposite consecutive real time is mixed the pressing requirement of three-dimensional navigation. American department of defense made GPS plan 1973.
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