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Design of supervisory system of traffic of network edition GPS and implementatio
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Summary: GPS traffic supervisory system is shirt-sleeve GPS, technology of wireless communication of GIS and GSM, the energy that can achieve to wait for mobile target to car, boat is affirmatory, dog reach control. The article introduced the integral structure of GPS traffic supervisory system, made around monitoring center elaborate in detail, discussed road to match algorithm again next.

Keyword: GPS, supervisory system, road matchs

1. Foreword

GPS namely GlobalPositionSystem, global location system. Last centuries at the beginning of 80 time, a few schools of our country and scientific research unit already began to research GPS technology. 80 time metaphase, our country introduces GPS receiver, apply at each domains. Application of supervisory system of traffic of our country GPS had gone to reach its slow development road. 1999, 2004, the impetus that market of GPS traffic supervisory system appeared to grow quickly, gain ground as the rapid development of system of mobile of number of our country GSM and whole nation, regard the communication of systematic bottleneck problem as the network, serve through using the short information of GSM public net, found new outlet.

And be in abroad, the research of this respect begins already and obtained certain positive result. Wait for a country like Euramerican, Japan, the own navigation product that uses GPS technology gains ground very much. The company that there are more than 100 on the world is developing various GPS user receiver. Among them the proportion that car application holds is the largest.

2. Overall frame designs the system

GPS traffic supervisory system, data of technology of geographical information processing of technology of the technology of fixed position of satellite of GPS whole world that used the world to precede, mobile communication of GSM whole world, GIS, high capacity collects technology and storage of high capacity data to wait for computer network communication and data processing technology, at the same time as far as possible much collection records the much data information in car travel process, generate graph and data automatically, have statistic, quite, analysis, list, improve the efficiency that car battalion carries government works thereby. The energy that can achieve to wait for mobile target to car, boat is affirmatory, dog reach control, have fixed position precision tall, stability the characteristic with strong, use good effect.

GPS traffic supervisory system divides composition by 3, namely: Fixed position part, communication part and monitoring part. Fixed position part basically uses the position that defines mobile goal, communication part regards user and monitoring center as communication agency, and monitoring part provides perfect service for the user. The structure of whole system is shown 1 times like the graph.

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