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Be based on the design of the center of farm short message of GPS and GSM and im
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SummaryAt present to solve machine of workers and peasants of person of our country farm attempers means attempers efficiency is not low, seasonable wait for a problem, design and came true to be based on the center of farm short message of GPS and GSM. Center of this farm short message is compositive the communication function of the fixed position function of GPS and GSM, attemper GPS and farm central connection rises, can produce actual condition to undertake to agriculture machinery according to agriculture machinery reasonable attemper. Center of this farm short message is based on China's mobile CMPP2.0 agreement, use multi-line Cheng to handle technology and modular design method, development of use Java language is finished. Test result makes clear, <2s/ is delayed when short message of center of this farm short message is handled, pile up rate <0.01% by accident, can offer seasonable and accurate short message processing, apply to agriculture machinery car 40 over farm.

KeywordCenter of GPS;GSM; farm short message

Current, a few large farms of foreign had begun to build and use the wireless communication management information system between farm office computer and mobile exercise machinery, the farm attempers center and agriculture machinery handlers undertake through link of wireless communication data real time corresponds. As a result of the limitation of technology and capital, our country most farm is attemper by the farm the center will attemper task man minute sends different agriculture machinery, the agriculture machinery in producing a course and attemper can contact through the phone only between the center. This kind attempers means cannot understand agriculture machinery in time to produce a situation, those who reduced agriculture machinery run efficiency, and increased to run cost, busy season season is highlighted particularly. For this, the farm agriculture machinery that the author puts forward to use center of farm short message attempers means, attemper what disperse so artificially the unified real time that change is concentration attempers. Attemper by the farm the center passes short message center attemper newly the instruction is sent in " line " agriculture machinery, implementation different ground attempers in real time. Such, what be helpful for agriculture machinery not only is reasonable attemper and manage, and the cost that can reduce each segment.

Mode of work of center of 1 farm short message reachs construction of system

Mode of work of center of 1.1 farms short message reachs communication kind

Center of farm short message is built in farm field ministry, carry digital data network (Digitaldatanetwork, DDN) special railway line and short message gateway (ISMG) is linked together, ISMG and center of China's mobile Wu of short be convinced (Shortmessageservicecenter, SMSC) is linked together. When short message be issued to lower levels, send the short message through DDN special railway line by center of farm short message above all to ISMG, send China mobile SM2SC by ISMG hair next, by China mobile SMSC sends the agriculture machinery that contains GPS car to hold unit to go up finally. When the short message goes up, carry unit to send the short message by GPS car above all to Chinese mobile SMSC, give ISMG by transmit of Chinese mobile SM2SC next, reach center of farm short message through DDN special railway line finally. Implementation of center of farm short message and GPS car record the communication of unit and Chinese mobile ISMG, and the interface of as departmental as GIS cent, this a few parts at the same time organic ground union rises. The each module structure that is linked together with center of farm short message sees graph 1[1] .
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