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GPS core technology- - time accurately with atomic clock
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GPS system operation principle is very simple actually: Earnestly Huan longs for  of route of coal of extensive of  of  of waterside of ⑸ of fellow dispatch joyous play falling into oblivion to return the Shen that wring  to plant the autodyne that neon of  unreal Yun goes straight towards Lai neon  to treat Gan to knock at Lei lotus root to twist  PS receives arrival from the signal at 4 satellites, calculate next piece in tellurian position, the error is hundreds of feet only. Autodyne has the time that receives time and satellite to blast off comparative, the space that passes the difference plan cipher out of both to be far from a satellite (radial speed is every second 186, 000 miles, if the satellite launchs time comparing to receive time evening one thousandth second, so the distance that accepts device to leave a satellite is 186 miles of) . Through comparing this time and other the time of the satellite of 3 foregone positions, autodyne can determine longitude and latitude and height above sea level.

Discuss from above can see time accurately reach its to time tool the significant position in whole GPS system.

Respecting atom bell, it is the; that by physicist creation comes out to be used at exploring cosmic essence originally at first on the navigation system that they never had considered to this technology some day can apply at the whole world unexpectedly.

According to the fundamental of quanta physics, atom is arrange according to different electron sequential energy is poor, namely around differ in the energy that electronic shell differs all round nucleus, will absorb or release electromagnetism energy. Electromagnetism energy is discontinuous here. When atom from " energy condition " transition comes low " energy condition " when, it can release electromagnetic wave. Frequency of feature of this kind of electromagnetic wave is discontinuous, this namely the resonance frequency that people place says. Same kind of atomic resonance frequency it is certain, for example the resonance frequency of 133 is cesium every second 9192631770 weeks. Because this cesium atom uses as a kind metronomic will hold the time with exact height.

30 time, rabbi and his students study the main character of atom and nucleus in the lab of Colombian university. Be here namely, they in support this kind of atomic clock made clock respect step valuable the first pace. Study in its the process is medium, rabbi invented technology of syntonic of a kind of magnetism that be called. Rely on this technology, he can measure a frequency of atomic nature resonance. For this he still was obtained 1944 nobel prize. Of the same age, he still puts forward above all " should discuss talk a such think of a way " (his student such say) , namely the accuracy of these resonance frequency is such tall, can use the clock of the high accuracy that make completely. He is special still put forward to want to use alleged atomic " exceed careful transition " frequency. This kind exceeds what careful transition points to is the transition between two kinds of when change along with the magnetism action that differs between nucleus and electron and cause state that have subtle energy difference.
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