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Chengdu court puts an end to fair car illicit to install GPS location supervisor
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For from go up at all the phenomenon that puts an end to jobbery to use official car, reporter of Sichuan news network from the Chengdu City intermediate people court learned on January 9, this court increases high-tech content this year, the decision installs GPS satellite to locate monitoring is mixed entirely to officer's car attemper system, new system is at present devoted already use.

Now, the GPS monitoring of Chengdu quadrangle attempers the non-standard action that systematic car holds terminal station to be able to monitor a driver at any time and place, when the driver occurrence overtime and overspeed drive when waiting for a circumstance, can call the police from tendercy center, enhance security greatly thereby. In the meantime, GPS attempers the system attempers for car provide accurate information, car attempers can carry electronic map at any time accurate fill the position that holds car seat, timely attemper car, reduce official car effectively to use medium waste thereby, raise car to use efficiency. And, the whole process that GPS supervisory system also will make car is used all is mastering in, record be careful in one's conduct, censorial branch can is opposite through GPS system platform the do sth without authorization that violate discipline car place the public place of entertainment such as high-grade hotel, and course of privately change drive a vehicle does private affairs to drive undertake investigating by personnel, thereby but from go up at all the phenomenon that puts an end to jobbery to use official car. The car carries black box can accurate uninterrupted record car place and all sorts of data in use process, in recording car travel process newest condition, offer car travel contrail to answer put, provide strong evidence to investigate the car that violate discipline.

According to the court concerned personage discloses, the effect is relatively ideal in light of the use circumstance from the near future. The fact proves, the GPS monitoring of Chengdu quadrangle attempers systematic use, the non-standard behavior in using car of official business of effective keep within limits the process and violate compasses the behavior that violate discipline, reduce car to use cost, arrived to urge action actively to promote court and judge to establish good figure to rise.

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