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Application of Guangxi GPS technology enters new level
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On September 2, be located in Guangxi fierce to cry 5 GPS that beach of double bridge town, town length a pond, bright town, king and floor of building of Guangxi mapping bureau carry on the head consult the station debugs a success entirely, guangxi runs satellitic navigation fixed position first sets to serve a system integratedly continuously -- upper bay (Guangxi) system of economic area CORS (first phase project) begin to try move. The building of this system, the new level that indicates technical application enters a Guangxi GPS to high accuracy, diversity, real time locates and serve quickly.

CORS is current the navigation of the most advanced satellitic fixed position on international is integrated one of technologies. Upper bay (Guangxi) system of economic area CORS, it is Guangxi mapping bureau to cooperate upper bay (Guangxi) major base mapping serves the municipality that economic area opens development and the organization carries out project, start at the beginning of 2006. The system is consulted by 13 GPS the station is formed, among them, first phase project builds 5 referenced stations in Nanning and periphery, 2 period project general in the city of the North sea, admire, harbor that prevent a city 3 city build 8 referenced stations. The 13 GPS reference inside the system stands 24 hours to undertake GPS observation and data store continuously, transmit satellitic data data center to undertake real time data processing in real time through communication network, the GPS that makes all sorts of forms differs cent to correct information data, repass is wireless the network differs GPS cent to correct information data hair to sow accredit user to undertake GPS locates.

After systematic building, will wide application is monitored at trends of area land natural resources, urban base mapping, project is measured, town planning, municipal construction, traffic administration, earthquake and ground sedimentation calamity monitors the domain such as amiable elephant forecast. The system basically provides the service of 4 respects: It is fixed position of navigation of modern liaison man and monitoring. The system can run platform photograph union with traffic navigation and monitoring, real time sows urban traffic information and GPS difference to distribute navigation signal to user hair, for whole area city and intercity content shedding deserves to send, car of home of taxi, illicit, special purpose vehicle offers real time navigation, dog monitoring, attemper government serves. Can be this area each large activity if section of international folk song, east alliance exposition provide communication safety attempers and monitoring government serves, for our country southwest content of the land of commerce of business affairs of southeast Asia of big channel along with, sea sheds discrepancy condition to provide real time navigation and safe monitoring service. 2 it is high accuracy efficient fundamental mapping serves. The system provides a trends, high accuracy, space inside service division net of frame of three-dimensional satellite fixed position, measure for town planning, municipal construction, irrigation works construction, highway, urban base mapping and project are measured, management of investigation of land natural resources, agriculture and management of forestry resources environment offer fixed position of real time space to serve. 3 it is area atmosphere forecasts a service quickly. Weather service net of the system enclothes Nanning city to reach area of bay of wide northwest ministry, provide this area can round-the-clockly can fall the metabolic information that lunt measures, rise 1 times from 12 hours of present sampling, mix for observation of this area atmosphere forecast provide accurate and quick service. 4 it is diversity news service. People can pass the mobile phone, tool such as PDA, get electronic map fixed position to serve through 2.5G and network of prospective 3G communication, can offer navigation for individual user, find site, seek the service such as the person.
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