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The good humor GPS that who destroyed me is to help still increase chaos
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Last week 61 early, husband and I had planned to look after children first go memorial hall of relics of tunnel warfare of anxious peasant household looks around, cereal of cherry of Long Wan collect goes plucking after, hurried back afternoon come, should go up because of the child 15:4The English class of 0. "Today, our family wants cheerful. " before going out, I say.

Cannot think of, go out, if I say myself, forget to go to beyond the highest heavens. The baby that those who allow my mood out of control is husband -- , GPS (GlobalPositionSystem -- , global location system) .

"Today, we listen to GPS ah! " one start off says husband. "Be no good, you forgot to go Tan Zhesi that, " I say, "It points to us to narrow meandering footpath, that is the bridge that wear stone really, take path, a of poor roadside large pagoda tree. " " but we go aviation museum that, the road that it points to is gotten nearly than what I design much. " husband says.

Husband according to GPS how-to, cross arrange flourishingly justice the city zone, sail toward north, he parks the car often in roadside, install GPS afresh. "Why do you slant those who listen to it? " I rose tonetic ask. "I do not listen to it how to do, I do not know a way again. " good-tempered husband suffers me to affect, also rose tonetic. "Method computation ends, fasten good safety belt please, menu operation already prohibited. " listening to speech clew, the husband that wanting to riding city of Beijing of autocycle manage to make do and suburb Sa Huan from 18 years old unexpectedly because had GPS, turned a road into blind, my fury also does not press again: "How do when there is GPS, you know a way? Do you always know the way home? We come home! " " come home. " husband is talked about by me irritated, feel wronged and act rashly the ground dropped the car build, but after all his natural disposition is clement, park the car in roadside immediately, get off after sucking a smoke to appease mood of one conditions or feelings of the lower levels, the car continues to leave toward the direction of anxious peasant household on.

Titus is fastened in the tunnel cool, 3 are gotten into from hearth mouth, mouth of the flue of a kang climbs to play extremely. The cherry of dragon bay collect is glittering and translucent be about to drip the ground is hanged in branch, pick to be put extremely popularly in the mouth, flavor makes person aftertaste boundless more.

On the way home, husband did not start GPS, indicate according to guide went up very quickly to arrange calm way. Need not suffer the torment of GPS eventually, shut have sth in mind to also can arrive home, I think satisfiedly, say to husband: "Still a little time, we go arranging Xin to go vacationing the village is slow-witted meeting! You also can take a nap. " I know to drive below postmeridian scorching sun is make tired thing how easily, say me to relied on on the back of the chair to be asleep.

"100 meters of place ask ahead turn around. " the sound of GPS sleeps lightly me from inside the dream, open an eye to look, our place oneself is in a little village, one narrow narrow road horizontal stroke is before. Husband parks the car in roadside, after getting off the inquiry passes, in drive the car into the village sunwise. Person of two white hair old women and dog of a white long hair sit in the shadow of the house to be in, looking us up and down curiously this " the person that enter " . The car sails very quickly gave a village, on flounder ground the earthy road of a country. "The way that I do not repudiate GPS to point to to you is the distance is the shortest, but not be certainly most when the province. " the big iron gate that sees one is shut aloof, I cannot help saying eventually: "If our time is abundant, I do not object here come. But putting good way not to go, why to slant this kind of road? Fall, there is it to do not have me on your car, I do not have it... " " bang -- , " my one's voice in speech is downfallen, husband had thrown GPS and support car window outside. "Jockey! " I murmur, calm next handlebar GPS collected the ground to come back next. It is the abet that suffers me after all, husband just wants an its discard native place in anger wild. Said again, this also is 1000 several money those who buy ah! How can you say to throw was thrown?
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