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Netizen summary: A few small doohickey in the use of GM101
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GM101 already in one's hand a week, overall feeling still goes, small issue is encountered however many. Opportunity is strong arrive when card matching CF, block incompatible trouble with respect to occurrence SandiskCF. Still once impressive, set line, but because halfway handles affairs closed GPS, after returning a company, reopen GM101, should shrink only face of the drawing that put the land, die certainly machine, I should take out batteries hind ceaselessly to restart only, considered my half day time, made many attempts, after deleting course, did not encounter the problem of dead machine again. This is among them fun. . . . . .

Below put together a few small doohickey in adding up to a few GM101 to use.

1, do not use certainly when use car is filled blame charge batteries, this is to have on the manual emphasize.
2, be in a poor light choose open forever, such needing that be in a poor light it is OK to should press Pwr only, press again close.
3, after ground of a hollowness searching to locate after switching on the mobile phone, move again, this is the fixed position principle as a result of Gps, if locate in shift, fixed position time should grow a few.
4, ok2 second is pressed to be able to record mouse seat Cheng Hang to nod below map picture.
5, page2 second is pressed below any pictures but will show content is transverse show, press 2 seconds to restore again.
6, mobile below map picture finger is sincere it is as normal as satellitic communication to be, modest it is as abnormal as satellitic communication.
7, out2 second is pressed to be able to obscure the line in the map below map picture, press 2 seconds to restore again.
8, after the three unities of the make choice of below face of drawing is in the ground, can use shortcut function, in navigation picture navigation.
9, Menu is pressed below comprehensive data picture before go on a journey, replacement of journey of make choice of, such but from set out begin to record all information.
10, in build boat to nod or ok2 second is pressed in drawing face the longitude and latitude that in appearing in boat to nod editor information, importable place wants.
11, if be not used for long or do not receive satellitic signal for long, optional cold switch on the mobile phone, rise again.
12, upload, when downloading boat dot, flight path, want to pass reopen opportunity first, the data line Usb and hold machine after been connect, insert to computer, open computer to use Mapshow software to upload again, download data.
13, mode of set of Menu make choice of is pressed below flight path menu, optional choose flight path records pattern.
14, flight path had better be recorded by time when mountain-climbing, running long-distance when had better choose record by the distance, in the urban district best both is chosen.
15, have in flight path menu at present flight path is apart from computational function one, calculable the space that gives you to go.
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