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Plum Yan Hong has a big country dream
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Plum Yan Hong has a big country dream: Baidu income comes from foreign author: ? of hub of  mildew Juan edits: Yan Hong of? plum of ℃ of Zou   has a big country dream. This likes newsreel very much " big country rises abruptly " person of Baidu palm door, the big country since Ceng Yijue analogy Baidu, hope Baidu becomes the cacique company of internationalization. Change strategy to obtain the Baidu that gets the better of completely greatly in Chinese market by right of mainland, guide in his below, quicken the pace with abroad go on an expedition. “ internationalization is inevitable choice, present time just in time is right. ” Li Yan grand say, “15 after year, the income of Baidu should have 50 % above to come from besides China. ”This is not Li Yan grand for the first time so say. Rose 2002, plum Yan Hong can be annual on company board of directors put forward internationalization to imagine, but deny repeatedly. Although arrived by 2006, the success that Baidu is in China already hard when shake, the doubt sound to its internationalization strategy still incessant Yu Er. Two years ago, baidu began the step of internationalization. At the beginning of last year, baidu denounce heavy gold hits out formally Japanese market, increase investment ceaselessly, plum Yan Hong says, european market will become the next target of Baidu. Most moment, the Li Yan in people look grand the person that be not a strong interpose. He looks introversion, calm, careful, and thinking careful, be good at listening to the opinion of others. Normally, baidu and adventure are not touched on relation, but this not cloggy Baidu becomes agile company. “ Baidu builds channel system since 2002, that moment is not the strongest, the likelihood goes to such very hard 2004 telling, but after 2005, the channel with respect to product of neither one network can contend with Baidu. An employee of Baidu says ” . Plum Yan Hong changes ” get the upper hand of with “ civilian. The unique skill of Baidu, be good at rolling out the product of in a popular style namely. These new products are medium nowadays, community changes characteristic heavier and heavier, for instance Baidu knows, 100 divisions and person of musical palm door wait for Baidu. “ Internet ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye, change of the habit of the user, be fond of is very sharp. Good product is time wanting a flower, should come out in bubble of the ability on the net, I can become the ” of the first person that experience of Baidu product. Plum Yan Hong says. Interview economy observes a newspaper: On Japanese market, what is the greatest difficulty that Baidu encounters? Li Yan grand: Baidu marchs when Japan, I once had asked the president before Sony, at present the independent director of Baidu gives the gentleman that the well extends to He Jian is discussed. He tells me, the most important is to find right person, find appropriate group. And the Internet talented person that how the biggest difficult problem draws Baidu to be changed to the mainland of more and best show namely at present, this is the difficult problem of Baidu Japan not only, also be the difficulty that company of all search engine faces. Announce formally to march from Baidu of 6 the end of the year Japanese market begins, we hold huge hope to Japanese market all the time. March 2007, baidu begins to check a server in Japan, the service that undertakes Japanese webpage, picture and video retrieve checks; On January 23, 2008, baidu Japan company is in Tokyo formal operation, we retrieved a service to undertake correcting is mixed to original webpage, picture and video upgrade, rolled out rich guest to search Beta edition. Current, baidu has been stabilized in Japanese operation, the Baidu investment to Japanese market also will be increased ceaselessly, 8 years, baidu will be achieved in the investment of Japanese market 2000 - 25 million dollar. Although at present Yahoo and Gu Ge are in Japan to searched the market to hold great majority share, but they are not Japanese companies. Accordingly, baidu is in Japan with these companies when the market undertakes competitive, do not have congenital weakness. Economy observes a newspaper: How to solve talent problem? How to realize this locality to change? Li Yan grand: Look in me, internationalization realizes the course that mainland changes in local market namely. And mainland is changed, want to understand the culture of a country and habit deeply namely, go developing corresponding product and function. Compare Euramerican company, baidu marchs the culture that Japanese a stratagem which ensures success depends on us knowing esteem Japan netizen more and habit. On the other hand, to search engine company, I think, the mainland that true mainland changes what point to actually is a product more is changed, the mainland that is not a technology is changed. Group of research and development is in Japan, but fundamental technology still is developed in Beijing. And in Japanese respect, what at present Baidu needs most is product manager, will decide how the product of Baidu is done by him, make it is what kind of child, the mainland of product person with ability is changed is the way that we realize mainland to change. He need not know Chinese, do not know English, it is OK to should know Japanese only.

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