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Ma Yun: CEO is this world go up most the job of " alone "
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Nevertheless, old hind the Ma Yun that English speaks with fervor and assurance is used when each district of can alive bound makes a speech, begin self-consciously when 12 years old to lay English foundation however. Strong 1979 reforming and opening that, the foreigner that travels to Hangzhou rises more, ma Yun has an opportunity to reachcapturing in west lake edge the someone opens practice. This has profit greatly to his in the future development.

Be in institute of Hangzhou normal school, ma Yun is elected for student union chairman, become Hangzhou city to learn couplet chairman again later.

Go into business: Reel silk from cocoons of   Qian brightness paddle of He of the knife that sweep past 

1988, ma Yun goes to institute of Hangzhou electron industry teaching a foreign language, this is the first his job. At that time salary about every months 110 yuan. He of unwilling loneliness sought many part-time jobs, the foreign tourist that uses after school time to go sightseeing to go to Hangzhou holds the position of a tourist guide. Ma Yun launchs the first English part of west lake edge.

1992, ma Yun and friend established the major with the earliest Hangzhou to translate company “ Hai Bo to translate company ” together, after school everywhere the activity accepts interpreter business. Manage at that time quite hard, the turnover of a month is RMB of many 200 money, can be chummage is about 700 yuan solely. The first year really washed-up, ma Yun is carrying a pocket on the back to go to justice black, Guangzhou replenish onr's stock, sell gift, bag the flower, raised interpreter company 3 years with these money, just begin balance of income and expenses. Ma Yun says later: &Ldquo; I all the time concept, the person that wants to make money truly namely must money look down on, if in your brain often the word of money, make money impossibly certainly. ”

To 1995, money did not earn the Ma Yun of how many, however by exceeded strong mobile capability to bring not small reputation for oneself. Collaboration of the home and one beautiful business contracts the Chinese company that builds a project, the cloud that hire a horse receives Zhang to translate the United States.

Next everything resembles Hollywood movie medium scenario is same:

Touch net: &Ldquo; ” opens Alibaba in the home

Before going back to the motherland, Ma Yun went to Xiyatu seeing a friend, here Ma Yun contacted Internet for the first time. Spain " the country signs up for " described Ma Yun racily the mood ——“ at that time the key-press that I fear to feel computer even. I think at that time:   straps? of  of Fen of Ai of  of food play behead I if its bang up with respect to compensate. ”

Have to Ma Yun those who touch is, he says curiously to input ” of word “ beer on search engine to the friend, the result found the brand of the United States and Germany only. The company that he considers to should use Internet to help China at that time is familiar with for world place.
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