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Feng Jun: Win in ZhongGuanCun
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In the ZhongGuanCun with bristly high-rise, utopia border edifice should be a building of rich mark sex, its because,becaming famous is not appearance, the position of the company that handles official bussiness here however, gathered in this building Baidu is numerous and famous IT enterprise, and the Hua Qi that Feng Jun leads also is among them one of.

Speak of Feng Jun or Hua Qi, the person that knows probably is not much, but mention brand of Hua Qi's subordinate “ patriot ” , be afraid nobody do not know.

From rely on pedal 3 rounds to sell small sun clavier name at the outset, to the domestic number product that makes year of turnover exceed 2 billion the first brand, feng Jun and the development course of China banner, it is the route that most small proprietor of an enterprises think in a ZhongGuanCun or taking. But in the time in 15 years, the enterprise that starts in ZhongGuanCun together with Feng Jun at the outset is not to still be in the ” of “ electron city in the village hardship lives, it is early already “ is gone ” of a long time, only Hua Qige stands not to fall.

Is this why?

Taking such question, this print and Feng Jun had development, face-to-face dialog, try to search an among them mystery.

  “ wants to be about successfully to be compared with others foolish ”

The personage inside course of study evaluates Feng Jun and his “ patriot ” so: Can be in ZhongGuanCun this good and evil people mixed up, perform big cases everyday fall greatly the place of tragicomedy scores a success, feng Jun is depending on person of two words “ ” of good, popularity. Although such judgment, not complete and accurate, but pointed out from another angle however Feng Jun and other ZhongGuanCun ” of the person's oldest different place ——“ concede.

In a lot of circumstances, the ”——“ of “ fool theory that Feng Jun likes to tell his to the person wants to be about successfully to be compared with others foolish ” . Look in Feng Jun, no matter be the life or deal, cannot evasive such situation, the space with concessional “ is larger, the space that you win also can be jumped over big. ”

The person that has contacted Feng Jun has such feeling probably, whenever with his contact with, always maintaining the attitude with an a little abasement even modesty; When people lets sb know to him, always also keep adopting boxing make a bow with hands folded in front, no matter whether be known.

1992, the Feng Jun that just graduated from Tsinghua also entered ZhongGuanCun as the stream of people that do poineering work, right now his jacket is putting 220 money that the mother gives in the pocket, also be his total capital.

“ chooses to make clavier, box at that time these peripheral products, it is helpless lift, I do not have money. ” Feng Jun is none evasive the corner when oneself do poineering work in those days. As a “ penniless the person do poineering work of ” wants to find the ground that stops together to oneself, “ lets one pace ” is only alternative probably.
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