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Google beauty vice president: Be together with clever person only
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Figure of plum Ye Er is carried high, wearing the modena skirt of a C.D.Greene, compose has above glistening bead piece, extremely elegant. The vice-president of this Google, clever and zenithal, appearance is distinctive, element has Google“ of ” of engineer of the first belle say.

Plum Ye Er likes skill, every come the guest of abode the vitreous artwork on metropolis exclaim ceiling, that is famous glass artist introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad interest of contract of Dai Er · (the figure that the work —— of DaleChihuly) makes ocean move flora by 400 tailor-made glass. at the back of the stage, it is wallboard of one side glow, embed above have 576 table tennis balls, that is the classic that plum Ye Er used the time 8 weekend to be finished alone, allegedly inspiration comes from the lamplight on U2 band concert was decorated 2005.

Er of Mayer of president of cereal song beauty

Plum Ye Er went from the bedroom. The person comes too much, was head and shoulders above predict. Meet to this, with one one's heart endeavors like the product that she follows design Google, besides goluptious dish, still have the acrid almond cake that delicate cake and she likes most. Whole party is diffusing the breath of plum Ye Er, optional, romantic, take bit of Chinese and Western again ministry spy some is rustic.

Google father admire is strange (left) with cloth forest. Allegedly former once with Mayer Er is a pair.

Report mails strange predestined relationship

When hearing Google for the first time, plum Ye Er presses a knowledge that had not thought his, ideal, still have wisdom, the company that can follow this on the make has what concern. The first employee of Google, technology is in charge of Keleige · Siwasiding (when CraigSilverstein) speaks of Mayer Er, say: “ at first, er of Ye of plum of our invite applications for a job will do process designing work, but now, the head that she has been us! ”

Siwasidingdi sees plum Ye Er is December 1999, in those days plum Ye Er is 24 years old, be about to obtain the master's degree with professional science of Stanford university computer, before this, she had taken indicative system to learn baccalaureate. That year, internet is in period of at the height of power and splendour, large quantities of one Internet companies such as Yahoo appear on the market in succession, achieved a day to trade the miracle that price rises greatly. The person that do poineering work overnight upstart case common occurance, the graduate that attracted numerous computer major devotes into Internet.

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