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Zhang Xiangdong: The controller of ceaseless innovation
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In the shop of “ Silicon Valley, those who sell is such gadgety, a cell is so small that a cell resemble the flashlight of the scrip, the small reptile …… that steel wire twists these gadgety principles are very simple, if this bell is used, is the diode of red glow. But the just that gives me inspiration is, since their principle is so simple, how had I never wanted to want such creation? I buy this handleless cup and put it in the purpose there, it is the innovation consciousness of incentive everybody. If have an opportunity, I always can speak of this bell to employee and guest. ”

Zhang Xiangdong thinks to arousing the creativity respect of employee, chinese company is done not as well as foreign company. He saw a few companies in American Silicon Valley, deep feeling is these companies have very strong creation atmosphere, and ZhongGuanCun place lacks atmosphere of this kind of creation. “ person's most commendable place is the capacity that has innovation, and to a company, innovation is its vigor place, only ceaseless innovation ability makes the enterprise maintains exuberant vitality. For this, we capture each opportunity to encourage innovation. ”

“ is in our company, if innovate, even if be very small dot,also can be admitted, be praised. And I think, want everybody to always can protect hold innovation consciousness only, whole company can be in relatively healthy position. ”

Zhang Xiangdong ever emphasized in different situation, 10 thousand nets of Chinese are company of a new and high technology, its are strong depend on a technology, must innovate ceaselessly technical talent achieves greater progress. Innovate to encourage a technology, a variety of innovation that make on management as a controller actually more conspicuous: These China of ”…… of system of make contributions of ” of “ in-house press conference, “ the novel system with current interior of 10 thousand nets, enough explains the administrative pattern of this young company is having the place that try to be unique.

We have “ an in-house press conference, by Technical Division fixed or nonsked will release, branch of the section of the market of the company, sale will listen. On the news briefing, technical Division can introduce to other department, come these days, we completed what work, made what gain, have what innovation, what action reachs since the meeting. ”

Zhang Xiangdong thinks, the advantage of such news briefing depends on, it is Technical Division often consciousness is less than the likelihood oneself newest research achievement has why value, however after section of section of the market, sale sounds may very excited, make Technical Division is encouraged; 2 it is branch of section of the market, sale can realise: We did “ the thing ” that this kind of adversary does not have, return the new achievement that can introduce him company to the client, foster in-house confidence thereby.
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