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Gu Yongqiang of CEO of actor cruel net: Poineering gene accomplishs actor cruel
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Those who be faced with is actual

Play safe adventurer game

The website that “ says me entered odd ’ of ‘ Bai Ming early, taking license plate is time problem ” only

Ancient always clang

On March 31, 2008, gu Yongqiang answers a reporter calmingly to quiz, I do not worry about “ license plate problem. He says ” , the video that now is domestic count as one of the best shares his actor cruel network website, but still did not take video new politics the first batch of license plate below. According to the new regulation that enters video industry at present, existing video website will be being observed by “ and “ admittance ” awaits after ” of examine and verify, did not take the investment before be being meant to hit water to float.

This is this period the problem that Gu Yongqiang of CEO of net of cruel of the hero of ” of character of “ business circles, actor faces now, in this spring, in order to actor or actress cruel net is a delegate, website of existent civilian battalion video is faced with them to grow the first time final examination of level, nevertheless I also do not have “ extravagant hopes can take license plate the first batch. ” Gu Yongqiang says, “ comes from wide report to systematic website always can get an information first and offer application, this is very normal also, we are in new politics after releasing already offer application for a short while. Healthy content mixes ” to be communicated in time, this is Gu Yongqiang every two big questions that day work must handle, the website that “ says me entered odd ’ of ‘ Bai Ming early, taking license plate is time problem only. ”

Unflappable likelihood comes from Gu Yongqiang's fine long hair to be in at him the position of all corners of the country of video industry, 2005 when, the think of a way that “ makes video ” does not pass just begin to crop up, at that time, popular video website Youtube rises in American wind unboiled water, a lot of people are jealous, but dare not try easily, or it is to pull do not come money, and Gu Yongqiang established company of network of “ syncretic ” successfully however, be in do not hold water to issue actor cruel net to be finished quickly 3 rounds for the banner in two years of time in all the venture capital investment of 40 million dollar.

2007, when Youtube is sold Google, its price is 1.65 billion dollar! Await in those days, video website of China also grows 200, but the data that provides according to advisory company, two throw rival at the back far, gu Yongqiang's website is among them one of.

“VV” concept and “ 3 100 million ” are academic

“ video is the game that wealthy person plays, financing must go up 100 million, do not play ” otherwise

Video industry, can denying it without the person now is an independent industry, on this industry catenary, from content production arrives compositive go to the company that broadcasts platform to be able to find independence actually to special video search to the player. What actor cruel net of Gu Yongqiang divides is video shares platform this one cake, its collect arranges the video content that the netizen uploads, those who let a netizen the place sees oneself and others be patted those play multifariously meaning, attract ad next, the sina of ” of “ video edition and Sohu resemble a bit on operation mode.
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