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Li You of Founder group CEO: Become a company like making a product
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Founder negotiable securities is the negotiable securities subsidiary with Founder subordinate group, occupy Li You of Founder group CEO to divulge, in negotiable securities course of study, the brand that Founder can guide luck is believed stage by stage, we meet “ use our brand in us only advocate direction of course of study. ”

Meanwhile, founder is heavy below medical industry cloth child. On July 10, it announces in area of Bei of Chongqing city north natural environment presses down investment medicine of 2.5 billion yuan of construction creates base, use at producer goods medicine. Two period the project predicts to built go into operation entirely 2012, at the appointed time sales revenue will amount to 5 billion yuan, profit tax 700 million yuan. After two days, southwest synthesis announcement says to plan to accuse to Founder group group of hospital of Beijing University international is directional issue share, the subsidiary that buys latter is big equity of new drug industry. Southwest synthesis and industry of old new drug were 2003 - the raw material drug that the Founder between 2004 buys in Chongqing early or late produces business. Before in March 2007, limited company of group of hospital of Beijing University international invests hospital of international of Beijing University of 3.2 billion yuan of build, floor area is 290 thousand square metre, beijing's biggest polyclinic will be become after building, what we should form “ is a whole industry catenary that is bibcock with medical treatment industry actually. ” Li You expresses.

Li You holds the post of Founder group CEO to already had 5 years, when the Li You 7 years ago devotes into Founder science and technology, in the bookshops is circulating “ capital runs ace ” and “ to hold the talk of dish of hand ” . Of Lei Ban of Ceng Yixun of group of after this Founder buy enter the industry such as steely, negotiable securities, medical treatment, education, the outside moves toward a view to the strategy of Founder for a time differ, for a time the IT that somebody suspects to Founder will abandon him advocate course of study and the image that establish a body with the technology. Today, the PC that Founder stimulates the optical business that take a platoon and tradition in the Chinese of Home Lai Yiqi not only held original market position on business, and open up many new feudal: The PCB that its intervened 2003 (printed circuit board) rank in domestic output the first; The working procedure before the chip that intervened 2006 is made in domestic the first of all; Extremely big without Jing buy, but the internationalization of Founder already great achievements again and again, have 3 abroad appear on the market company; The force of technical reserve labor that its are published in the number and prints a technology to go up is waited for hair; Steely business came true to arrive by low end high-end upgrading. Come nearly 5 years, the income of Founder and profit grow continuously, 20 billion yuan from 2003, development arrives 2007 44 billion yuan sales revenue; Net assets from 5 billion yuan, development goes to 16 billion yuan of present. Dedicated at medicine of IT, medical treatment double advocate course of study, steely, negotiable securities two big the industrial position of convoy of complementary course of study is clear already shape. Among them IT software includes Sino-Japanese article to publish, the number is published, electronic government affairs and system are compositive; Hardware incorporates PC and terminal unit, circuit board and chip Wu of 3 great undertaking. 2007, founder total assets achieves 35 billion yuan, implementation profit tax 6 billion yuan. In the selection of Bostonian advisory group, founder group has the 21 centuries that go to become global industry and market to bring revolutionary change character to cross a state group.
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