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The speech that build Ci exposes aspirations: Contribute 58 billion have 4 big r
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Gates publishs a text speech

This is Gates after retiring from Microsoft on July 1 this year, publish open speech external for the first time. After Gates was expressing his view to prospective science and technology, answered the query of partial classmate.

And when answering a classmate to quiz, gates also first external calm bear, have the money that 4 main reasons make its establish foundation and donates a 58 billion dollar.

It is healthy problem of the whole world above all, especially how is the problem of the disease that the poor faces solved, because before be, be done not have,the orgnaization is willing to offer a few medicaments to go to poor person cure their disease, government or the main job duty of the orgnaization also does not include these works. Gates thinks, one of main jobs that foundation establishs treat their disease namely to help a poor, improve their medical treatment condition.

Gates expresses, establish foundation to still can be in the country with other helps of respect of service of agriculture, banking and person, let them enter a benign loop, improve the current situation.

at 3 o'clock, gates thinks to pass foundation to still can help a few countries develop educational system, release a few course on the net for instance, perhaps design a few course through DVD, can help a student already, also can make a teacher mutual learn.

Last bits, gates thinks, contributing the reason that gives 58 billion dollar is, if fortune can undertake social repartition, can be opposite so the society is more advantageous. Gates expresses, if be to the child of money person will continue,the palm controls the resource of the world and money, perhaps can appear in the future so very big question, so oneself just can decide to contribute a 58 billion dollar, I do “ to be able to ensure so won't such circumstance happens, ”

Gates still forecasts future 10 years artificial intelligence and robot perhaps can appear very great progress, and energy-saving get a respect to obtain tremendous progress with new energy resources.

Gates still offers advice to Hong Kong undergraduate, if want to score a success, need enough to a domain understanding so, have deep love for this industry and keep enthusiastic. If “ wants innovation to be about to stand on the shoulder of giant. ”

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