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Liu Chuanzhi: From associate direct production
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If regard ZhongGuanCun of —— of Chinese Silicon Valley as the film the library, so associating should be this film library in the longest fill do not decline, rate of seat of honour is highest, box-office a play with best record. Compare with the posture of episode does poineering work like a lot of as transient as a fleeting cloud that perform civilian battalion industry inside the village, associate be afraid had become this film times indispensable with a symbol that replace, and the Liu Chuanzhi of —— of patristic level figure that what once had directed this wonderful film to retreat house second line to hold the position of production again nowadays is this film times.

Pay close attention to industry public figure of Liu Chuanzhi or ordinary people to discover nowadays, see Zhu Baoduan at present more it is the second line life about Liu Chuanzhi. And in associate 2 000 money year on congress of a rally to pledge resolution before going to war, willow passes annals general two lever are deep after blue banner awarded Yang Yuanqing of two when associate little handsome —— and Guowei formally, this creats associate the generation of legend directs formal respond to a curtain call.

The Liu Chuanzhi that retreats is held the position of associate trustee bureau chairman, had been to associate no longer the transactor of emergencies. Working hours does not have a regulation before “ , turn round the job all the day, have oneself private life hardly, and there was commuted time ” now. Although Liu Chuanzhi expresses again and again, can help Yang Yuanqing handle a few imports now great not critical however issue, “ can reduce mental pressure ” so, if “ is directed encounter what difficulty, make production be about to be being helped solve, but not specific mingle a thing. ”

And in the distance couplet remembers domestic place is less than 500 meters associate accuse a building in, the Liu Chuanzhi that fades out of director position still devotes his major time hereat. For spare time, eat box meal to be opposite casually midday already the Liu Chuanzhi of second line of fall back on will tell, still be classics commonplace. It is busier that “ basically is returned now, study hits golf to still must strive for a few time. ”

8 hours even a lot of 8 hours of time beyond left associate, make recreation and loosen pair of Liu Chuanzhi to tell, appear distant and extravagant. “ assumes my eyesight allows, I can read enough book. See those can mirror the book of social reality and teleplay adequately, for instance " passionate flaming years " , " empty looking glass " , " black hole " wait. ”

Chat to be enjoyed also be him greatly with the friend. “ talks about the title that both sides is interested in, perhaps chat a little together with family, go out to travel the life that ” is the ” with yearning heart of Liu Chuanzhi “ .

The thing with interesting “ is too much, do not do now regrettablly. ” feeling and the willow that associate together pass mark and live easily without what make him choice because of ask for leave from a meeting follow one's inclinations, but these individuals' small regret will make the progress is not little money after associating.
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