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Youth " the sea returns " the leading sheep of the person that do poineering wor
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In September 2001, 1 million class exceed starlight of large-scale chip “ product of implementation of a ” is changed, infiltrate successfully international IT market. Those who realize this one pioneering work is the person that with a flock of youths that Deng Zhonghan heads “ sea puts in ” 's charge to do poineering work, they are very assiduous, know a technique, also the rule of market of be proficient in, look be like these common characteristics to add in, brought up ” of microelectronics of the star in a “ that is different from every noise.

In of astral microelectronics run way to having “ Silicon Valley also be fresh for the say ZhongGuanCun of ” : The mode of astral small company is according to the finance affairs of Silicon Valley period authority is made in build, the constituent mode of the company is very peculiar also, headquarters is in Beijing, center of research and development is in Silicon Valley, market department is in Shenzhen. Ensure each function branches are in so oneself function is foremost the edge works, master newest trends.

The author understands this young company morer, the writing in wanting to know their core character Deng more is what kind of person also, after all the history remembers this peculiar youth likely.

Lucky be always the person with assiduous patronage

When the age past event that the author begins to listen attentively to Deng Zhonghan slowly, the sort of so insipid that shed dripping mood to make I think of approximately: Lucky be always the person with assiduous patronage?

Lofty, brilliant, gentle, hardly the ability of a bit is shown, this is the very direct sense that reachs in the contact of the author and Mr Deng. The unspoken words in a play left to the understanding of the audience or reader that writings brush then the portion shows leisurely in Deng should be: Lucky, successful intellectual.

Deng Zhonghan was born in Nanjing 1968, it is 34 years old, undergraduate course is graduated from university of Chinese science and technology. Deng Zhonghan attended American California college 1992 Berkeley cent school (UCBerkeley) reads. Electronic engineering doctor, economy management is obtained to learn Master, physics Master inside 5 years of time 3 degree, it is this school is built school come 130 years the scholar of trivium of manage of the first over or across, labour, business. During reading, he has published 25 paper early or late, have the honor to win Wilson doctor to study award and arris second souvenir award, make paper task report on annual meeting of famous international solid circuit.

Deng Zhonghan reads an university to like entertainment sports activity very much before, in after entering college of Chinese science and technology, study earth and dimensional science make he generated strong interest, because,perhaps be of lucky god teach, all interest arrived centrally on school work. But anyhow, it is pure and assiduous characteristic helped him big.
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