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Li Yan grand: Baidu chooses two standards that the talent follows
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Plum Yan Hong expresses, baidu does not value school of the age of employee, sexual distinction, record of formal schooling, graduate and working setting. Have some of person on main station even, baidu does not know their graduate school. Plum two follows basically standards when Yan Hong listed Baidu chooses a talented person:

Have ability and job of latent capacity competency? Usually, new personality can not finish working job smoothly certainly. In Baidu new personality can err, but after teaching ” through “ , cannot the mistake with same recommit. “ connected ” to show the ability of new personality and potential.

Agree with company culture? Baidu devotes oneself to to maintain poineering enthusiasm, be willing the company culture of study, rich innovation. But some people are begged firm, do not be willing to take a risk, do not be willing to become the job in long environment in high speed, the hope has a steady work and life, so this kind of person suits Baidu not quite.

Oneself development path can choose freely after ” of person of each “ Baidu enters Baidu. The rising and main component of Baidu interior is two roads, it is technical title and administrative point of view respectively. Technical personnel is OK according to technical title one pace promotes, highest and OK to be equivalent to vice-president level.

If prefer pure technology, can develop from technical angle, more be good at managing, can develop from administrative point of view. Li Yan grand cited a case: On July 1, still did not graduate possibly to major undergraduate, but in Baidu, a trainee has been promoted to be product manager, run the group of many 60 employee. Because this undergraduate is during the exercitation, reflected good potential and ability.

Develop: Trainee “ husband is done advocate ”

Last year, baidu invite applications for a job 80 this year's graduateses are technical personnel, reckon the number of invite applications for a job will increase further this year. Plum Yan Hong discloses to the author, closely related the whole development process of Baidu and trainee. When Baidu just held water, besides technical vice president Liu founds a state is Beijing University associate professor outside, other engineer basically is a trainee, have not graduate. Undergraduate special to searching engine professional work have fun at, accept capability of new thing, new technology strong; is additional, these trainee major knowledge are very solid, and learn new thing easily.

Baidu grooms ceaselessly in the job to the trainee, encourage an attempt ceaselessly. Let a trainee offer service, editor for the client, the problem discovers in the job, letting a trainee be comprehended is how to return a responsibility after all.

Baidu is on major project and technical research and development, have ” of army of special type of ———“ of a kind of mechanism, undertake the key tackles key problem.
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