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HOLUX M-1000
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Navigation function

Produce category GPS module
GPS module is built-in couplet sends science and technology (MTK) place designs low cost can GPS chip set
Coordinate course can be received at the same time reach track mark of 32 satellites question
Time of automatic fixed position receives a code: L1, c/A code.
Replace rate: 1 HZ
New capture: 0.1 seconds
Heat switchs on the mobile phone: 1 second
Warm switch on the mobile phone: 33 seconds
Cold switch on the mobile phone: 36 seconds
Position of fixed position precision: Circumferential rate does not have 2.5 meters SA code
Acceleration: 0.1 meters / second, without SA code
Time: 1 small second / synchronous GPS time
Patulous function

Interface type blue tooth
Exterior description

The buy inside product antenna
Product weight<53 fair grams
Millimeter of product measure 65 X 43 X 17.6
Basic parameter

3 LED condition shows other property: La Ya, position position, batteries condition and charge condition shows

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