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Explorer V700
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Navigation function

Produce category GPS module
GPS module uses feeling of acting freeboard of American Sirf III to spend chip of low power comsumption
Coordinate course can be tracked at the same time amount to 20 satellites
Fixed position precision locates precision is as high as 1-5 rice
Main function

Data outputs the NMEA-0183 data agreement of tall versatility to output a format
Patulous function

The blue tooth compatibility with interface good kind can
Exterior description

The buy inside product antenna
Product weight weight is 33 grams only
Product measure bulk is 24CC only
Basic parameter

Product batteries is built-in batteries of high-powered lithium polymer, box of batteries of the buy outside cooperating can use 17-20 hour continuously
Other characteristic crust uses American GE to assemble PC data formerly (ballproof and plastic) , the surface uses face of pure black piano to bake lacquer craft
Peculiar car carries other property to switch on the mobile phone automatically mode, rich random fittings

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