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Suoniaili believes W760c
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Appear on the market date 2008
The mobile phone makes type GSM
Support frequency paragraph GSM900/1800/1900MHz
Data transmits GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA
Screen material qualitative TFT
Screen colour 260 thousand kinds
Advocate screen dimension 2.2 inches
Advocate screen parameter 240×320 resembles element
Chord ring supports
Airframe memory 40MB
Store card of card support M2 expands
Battery of batteries norms lithium
Mark matchs jumper of lithium battery, charger, USB, 1GB to remember a bar (earphone of M2™) , portable stereo, Suoniaili believes PC suit, media to manage implement content transmits software
Theory communicates time 540 minutes
Theory bides his time time 400 hours
Product appearance

The exterior designs slip lid
Airframe color is argent, gules with black
Product measure 103×48×15mm
103g of mobile phone weight
The buy inside product antenna
Take a picture function

Photograph like the buy inside the head
Photograph like head portrait element 3.2 million like element
The buy inside LED flashlight
2.5 multiple pile up digital scorch scorch
Timer support
Take a picture descriptive sensor type: CMOS
Picture resolution: A variety of picture resolution choose
Film mode: A variety of filming that mode chooses
Photograph specially good effect: Support picture quality: A variety of picture quality choose
Video films phonic video films
Recreational function

Video broadcasts supportive Media Player
Music broadcasts the format such as supportive MP3/AAC/AAC , appreciation music time is the longest for 20 hours
Radio support
The buy inside game includes " street hurricane " inside 3D game
Java function supports
Recording function supports
Data function

USB of data line interface
Basic function

Short message (SMS) support
Colour is believed (MMS) support
Avoid carry communicate support
Scene mode supports
Alarm clock function supports
Calendar function supports
EMS short message supports
Network function

WWW browser supports
WAP browser supports
Business affairs function
Flight mode supports
Memorandum support

Other function
GPS function supports
Electronic dictionary supports
Bide one's time picture support
Calculator support
Incoming telegram ring identifies support
Incoming telegram picture identifies support
Animation screen keeps support
Graphical menu supports
Stopwatch support
Other characteristic supports file government implement video communicates time: The 3 hours longest music shakes control function to have loudhailer of a stereo will 2008 the 2nd quarter is in chinese mainland area the market appears on the market anthology distribute accessory: HBH-DS205 of earphone of stereo blue tooth, move MAS-100 of feeling sound box
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