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Motolora A1800
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Appear on the market date in June 2008
Smartphone of mobile phone type; CDMA/GSM double net double wait for
The mobile phone makes type GSM, CDMA
Support frequency paragraph CDMA 800MHz
Data transmits GPRS, CDMA 1x
Screen material qualitative TFT
Screen colour 260 thousand kinds
Advocate screen dimension 2.4 inches
Advocate resolution of screen parameter 240×320
Feel screen support
Chord ring 72 chord
Operating system Linux
Airframe memory 150MB
Memory card can expand most to 4GB
Batteries norms when 1000 milliampere (BC70)
Theory communicates time CDMA communicates: 210-300 minute
GSM communicates: 230-330 minute
Theory bides his time time CDMA bides his time: 130-190 hour
GSM bides his time: 160-225 hour
Double bide one's time time: 80-110 hour
Product appearance

The exterior designs renovate
Airframe color Wang Zhe is black
Product measure 95.3×52.5×24.95mm101 is cubic centimeter
Mobile phone weight 132 grams
The buy inside product antenna
Take a picture function

Photograph like the buy inside the head
Photograph like head portrait element 3 million like element
Take a picture descriptive support is opposite automatically anxious
Video films support
Recreational function

Video broadcasts supportive H.263, MPEG4, 3GP format
Music broadcasts supportive AAC, AAC , EAAC , MIDI, WAV, AMR NB format
The buy inside game
Recording function supports
Electronic book supports
Data function

Wireless stereo music transmits blue tooth of support of blue tooth function
Interface of Mini-USB of data line interface
Basic function

Input means is handwritten
Communicate record support
Address book support
Short message (SMS) support
Colour is believed (MMS) support
Avoid carry communicate support
Scene mode supports
Alarm clock function supports
Calendar function supports
Network function

Email supports IMAP4, POP 3, SMTP, u-IMAP
WAP browser supports
Business affairs function

Calling card scanning supports
Memorandum support
Calendar support
Other function

GPS function supports
The buy inside electronic dictionary PowerWord
Bide one's time picture support
Calculator support
Incoming telegram ring identifies support
Incoming telegram picture identifies support
Graphical menu supports

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