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Collect thinks of treasure G756
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Muti_function patulous
Obligate system interface, can add software of outfit major navigation, and use as professional navigator; But outside receive the blue tooth printer, type that insert card to photograph like first class a variety of peripheral, and realize one machine truly multi-purpose; Additional, map of professional division into districts is installed beforehand inside (vector and remote sensing are video graph) .

Diversity function: Loudhailer; Earphone interface
Great and rich data attribute, the use that is an user brings new seeing and hearing to experience, finish outdoors easily the exercise in harsh environment.

Operating system: Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0
Advocate frequency: Intel Xscale 520MHz(congener product is highest)

Passageway: 16 passageways (code of C/A of L1 carrier wave)
Professional GPS kernel supports SBAS
Support the exterior input that need branch
Supportive AGPS technology (technology of auxiliary and fast fixed position)
Inside buy major screw antenna

Fixed position precision
Sheet chooses location: <6m
Real time and aftertreatment (SBAS or) of exterior RTCM source: Inferior rice

Physical function
Size: 175mm×85mm×26.6mm
Weight: 676g(contains batteries)
Screen: QVGA(240×320 resembles element) TFT of 3.5 inches of color touchs screen
Clavier: 18 numbers function be good at (have night to look a function)
Working temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Storage temperature: - 20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Shock-proof ability: Fight freedom of floor of cement of 1.2 meters of height to decline
Dustproof and waterproof ability: IP67

Power source character
Batteries: Buy 2200mAh can charge inside lithium battery
Batteries uses time: > 15 hours

Data news report and memory
Data news report: Interface of blue tooth, USB2.0 and GPRS(need not blue tooth mobile phone)
Memory: 64MB SDRAM, 320MB Flash, buy SD blocks groove inside (but augment)

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