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All the way GPS of expedite guide god accompanies pool of peach blossom of villa
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Guide god CPND-3506A

Checked next guide gods, the feeling still calculates be worth to trust, took it to set out.

Initial plan is source of Wu of —— of county of Yi of —— of county of Nanjing —— short for the Jinghe River.

Old on October 1 early in the morning sets out from Nanjing. Lake of way saddle hill, overgrown with weeds, Na Ling, outside reaching town of county of short for the Jinghe River at was being controlled at 1 o'clock afternoon be in with roundabout of direction of pool of Mao Lin, peach blossom. According to the clew of guide god, our abduct to direction of peach blossom pool. After entering peach blossom pit, be faced with each bifurcate crossing. Compare this nevertheless go Suzhou that much luckier, those who had GPS is how-to, although so much crossing is OK also dying is not random.

Peach blossom pool tourist attraction sketch map

Graph of true condition of pool of peach blossom of county of short for the Jinghe River

Investigate benefit afternoon from peach blossom pool, investigating benefit is the oldest ancient village south Anhui, of primitive simplicity is quiet.

The Gu Min that investigate benefit house scenery

Stay overnight at sb else's place is in investigate benefit. The following day drive Che Quhong village, although grand village is small, but because tourist attraction person is cruel much, basically experienced the folkway of of primitive simplicity inside, savor fish of very delicate smelly mandarin fish, carbonado of bamboo shoot garment, fry wild brake 3 dish, recommend fish of smelly mandarin fish strongly. Rest in grand village in the evening.

Left grand village to go at 10 o'clock on October 3 morning Wu source. Town of classics Yi county, cease peaceful, 5 cities arrive at Wu source churchyard.

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