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Besides navigation able still what plays turn 6 kinds of weapons of GPS
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The function has been jumped over more more, this is the consumptive habit of most compatriots, you look the mobile phone had been been head and shoulders above now call the applied category that sends a short message, photograph broadcast like video of head, sound had become standard configuration. Comparative abroad still is the mobile phone market of be in power of black and white screen, we can say this is national condition be caused by only. It is a mobile phone not just, other electron equipment also has muti_function the tide that turn, be like MP3, broadcast development to video from pure music, joined a picture to browse again later and electronic book reads a function. Actually, GPS this kind of product from say substantially very as similar as MP4, plus a lot of manufacturer be produce transition by MP4 and come, a lot of muti_function GPS appeared on market so, the product that has onefold navigation function only became rare matter instead. Below, we analyse these functional classify, look besides navigation, what can GPS still do.

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