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Inside buy GPS module on the make releases Nuojiya N810
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Recently, nuojiya in the 2007CTIA of san Francisco wireless IT and recreation are exhibited on revealed the N810 terminal with comprehensive function. Nevertheless like N800, this NSeries type does not contain mobile phone function, not be a mobile telephone.

Differ with the design of N800, QWERTY complete clavier was shown after N810 side direction slips. It supports Wi-Fi wireless communication and function of blue tooth communication, buy GPS accepts chip and antenna inside, can offer FM to launch a function.

N800 and N810 are not the digital product that is based on Windows platform it seems that, it is the desktop experience that its interface is similar to Windows quite only. Carry this equipment, we saw Nuojiya the will hold terminal henceforth blue print of conception. Of course, be willing great reflection friend mights as well experience the more information that contains among them well.

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