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It is machine of GPS of the outfit before strong Freenex is being installed to r
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Korea Freenex rolled out model to be VITAS8000 recently (how be Vista) before outfit car carries GPS navigator, can offer GPS not only already functions of a variety of image sound recreation, can monitor four tire to control a state more, assure a car advocate safe.

The TPMS function of the position of the TRIP function of the real time position that VITAS8000 uses indication car and inductive tire and intensity of pressure, and the user sails leave when booking a course, call the police.

Complex wiring harness receives numerous much data

This product provided the screen of 7 inches of feeling of resolution 800×480, use INAVI electron map, intel PXA270520MHz processor, intel 2700G53D shows those who quicken chip enough to deal with video to broadcast the map that reach 3D to show the work. In addition, supportive video / music is broadcasted, mobile TV of game, DMB, card plays OK function, still can choose match TPEG real time road besides sow a newspaper.

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