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More efficient TomTom releases GPS of information of the most advanced traffic
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The information that actually the core of HDTraffic depends on be based on GSM network is collected. In Holand, tomTom and telegraphic provider Wo Dafeng cooperate, collect faceless SIM to block positional message through network of Wo Dafeng GPS, in order to judges traffic situation. After the ” of “ program source that got ” of “ high resolution, tomTom can perform ” of more true and reliable information of “ high-definition traffic for you of course.

1 day is lain between when, tomTom just rolled out the HDTraffic version navigator of ONEXLbrethren, see it and ONEXLbrethren from the exterior and distinguish without what, new nevertheless ONEXLHDTraffic depends on than the distinction of ONEXLbrethren inside buy 1GB memory and card of a SIM insert groove. Such ONEXLHDTraffic can obtain information of real time traffic through GSM network not only, OKer an example place that itself collects as information, true “ everybody is me, I am everybody ” .

The information that gets through network of Wo Dafeng GSM is already other the information support of management department of tripartite transportation, HDTraffic system can offer information of 3 minutes to update frequency. Be apart from TomTom to say, this speed is before the 5 ~ that dynamic traffic information gets frequency 10 times. This service will be in this month the investment of —— of Holand of base camp —— of TomTom is used, and England also will open a service first half of the year in 8 years, at present the price of ONEXLHDTraffic is 399 euro, include HDTraffic of a year to serve cost, and the charge later is 9.95 euro / month. And support those who have TomTom facility to choose fittings to also will be released in next year the beginning of the year, look European can make a service very much really.

The language after making up: Real time hands in those who communicate message to collect one of focuses that are the controversy inside the industry all the time, the tentative idea that is based on GSM network is already mature also. Nevertheless TomTom is the first overshoots however experimental phase, throw the businessman of operation. In light of short line, tomTom comparatives in the pace on the interactive function of GPS equipment fast, besides the MapShare service that improves map accuracy, this HDTraffic gets job of go ahead of the rest again. Be opposite considering TomTom map supplier T.A. buy be in a relatively active situation, believe its are continueing to develop Europe beyond when the market will more and more successful.

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