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Parvenu of sound of DMB wireless image! Aiweite 608 passion appear on the market
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Aiweite GD608 and outer packing

Overall on the design, towing tie underlines on GD608 thin, delicate. Aiweite (Aiviter) GD608 as before industry of 07 Korea mainstream designs follow element, be less than the ply of 3CM, the size like the palm, more product of the department that show Han is elegant with vogue. Wide screen cooperates the brim with smooth dainty, the radian of streamline, hale and do not break only beautiful. Aiweite (Aiviter) GD608 is intended the operation pushbutton setting is in flank airframe, companion is designed as airframe concave and convex and orderly arrange, not only cooperated integral style, also make pushbutton and airframe perfect union.

The number moves TV function

As Aiweite (Aiviter) of GD608 advocate make distinguishing feature, undertook recreation and navigation combinative. DMB is mobile multimedia TV with data means, transmit product of a kind of of multimedia program wireless video with inferior transmission rate. Function of digital shift TV, in support the number moves TV is wireless the area that receives signal, GD608 of Ai Wei spy can watch CCTV news channel, CCTV5 freely, in the center of, stock market channel, Beijing, road of round-the-world marvellous spectacle, real time besides etc, can admire wonderful sports match more during the Olympic Games. Rich channel content, the information of instant vogue lets us enjoy the joy that digital TV brings to the top of one's bent on board.

Electron map interface

Navigation respect, aiweite (Aiviter) graph endowment uses the GPS of GD608 as before the 4 dimension data that has aptitude of mapping of major of national first class, street region staff is more accurate detailed, traversal speed more fast. Heat is started need 3s only can fixed position of accurate search star, ≤3m of fixed position precision, measure fast precision 0.1m/s. Overturn the tradition offers 11 kinds of human nature 2 dimension map, solely to change a map to shrink put scale, the picture presents stereo type building, street, n is planted car head portrait is contented 100 change of individual character you, have interest sex more. 8 kinds search means, interface of much money style, let your experience arrive from Zhou Yi of weekday different!

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